What is a psychic?

This is a hard question and my answer is my  understanding only.  I cannot speak for anyone other than myself.  The understanding of what a psychic is or does, like every thing else, is different for each person.

According to my favorite website Dictionary.com a psychic is (n) a person who is allegedly sensitive to psychic influences or forces; medium, or (adj) sensitive to influences or forces of a nonphysical or supernatural nature. 


  But what does this mean?

The way I see it is that I have tapped into the matrix that connects us all. The matrix contains all the details about us – our past, present and future.  How we think, observe, feel.  Our fears, illness, etc.  Everything is stored and available in the Matrix.

From this matrix I can gather information on the person who I am channeling.  The amazing thing is that I don’t have to be next to the person.   It doesn’t make difference for a reading or feel differently if they are sitting across from me or are on the other side of the globe. The Matrix is like the internet in that we are all connected.

I receive this information or data by different means:

1) Image:   I either get an image of something I am familiar with like a movie or situation which helps me understand what the person is experiencing or feeling.

2) Sound: I hear some words.  Interestingly it is in my own voice and not someone else’s. I have a little trick I use to see if I am talking to myself or if the words are coming from another source.  I say to myself “I am talking to myself.”  Then I answer “Yes I am.”  If I can finish the sentence than I am talking to myself, but more often I am unable to say anything pass the words “Yes I…” before I feel that I cannot finish the sentence.

I cannot say where the voices come from but I think I will elaborate on this item in my next blog.

3) Finally, I just know.  It is knowledge that I have but I cannot tell you were I know it from.  Yet, experience has shown me that I am right.

A psychic, in my opinion, is someone who taps into the matrix easily.

I use my abilities in readings and treatment that are emotional in nature since I come from a psychological background (I have a Bachelors and a Masters in Social Work). I don’t deal with medical illness or healing.  Not my cup of tea.

Others use their “psychic” abilities in more mainstream ways: a doctor’s instincts, a midwife’s instincts, all those people who use their instincts in their profession.  From what I understand from my spiritual learning, these instincts are the ability to tap into the Matrix to better understand the matter at hand.

We are all psychics, each in their own way, it all depends how open and accepting you are to the connection. Also it depends if we are ready for it.

I hope this made some sense.  With love, Noa


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