Taking my own advice

Lately I have been stretching my “comfort zone.”  This is something I have been coaching my clients for years to do in order to have them either provoke and/or feel the changes that have transpired in our treatment sessions.  But you know the saying, “It’s easier to preach than practice.” I admit that it is very difficult to step outside ones comfort zone.  My head comes up with 101 … Continue reading Taking my own advice

Releasing Emotional Blocks

Ever feel like you keep hitting a brick wall?  Working very hard to get ahead, lose weight, get pregnant, find a good partner, but are getting nowhere? I may be that an emotional block is holding you back. An emotional block is a conscious or unconscious belief, fear or anxiety that contradicts the goal for which you strive.  The fear of failure, religious beliefs, lack of … Continue reading Releasing Emotional Blocks

A Backpack Full of Rocks

All of our lives we accumulate beliefs, hardships and anxieties that we gather throughout our childhood, adolescents and as young adults. They are like rocks that we pick up and carry around in a backpack, with some rocks being bigger and heavier than others. Rarely do we remove these rocks, even if we don’t need them anymore. We carry this heavy backpack everywhere we go … Continue reading A Backpack Full of Rocks

Message from Within the Womb – Avoidence

This week I channeled a cute, timid, masculine soul within the womb of a mother that lives in Israel.  19th week of pregnancy. “I think life is unique and [should] not be taken advantage of.  It has become a playground for many souls.  A place they can hang out in and not do too much. [Life] lessons are not being participated in, instead its just fun fun fun. … Continue reading Message from Within the Womb – Avoidence

Follow your Head or your Heart? – Decision Making

Lately I have had some annoying decisions to make.  I like to rely on my decision making exercise to help me make difficult decision.   In the exercise I present to myself the dilemma at hand and listen to the replies I receive from both my heart  and my head. This is where the problem lays.  My head provides me with logical explanations of why I … Continue reading Follow your Head or your Heart? – Decision Making

You are not to blame for your miscarriage!

Miscarriages can be an emotional and physical trauma. It is a memory that haunts some women for years.  From depression and great feeling of loss to the anxiety during subsequent pregnancies, the woman carries with her the burden of shame and guilt without an opportunity for closure.  The mothers blame themselves and their bodies.  Through a psychic study into the causes of miscarriage I have … Continue reading You are not to blame for your miscarriage!

I am just a channel for the Spirits to do their work

When clients thank me for changes that have occurred in their lives due to our spiritual treatment sessions I always reply that I am just the intermediary agent.  The credit goes to the spirit guides, it was their guidance and techniques that I interpreted to the client.  My skill is the ability how to acquire the knowledge provided by the guides and then relate it … Continue reading I am just a channel for the Spirits to do their work

Emotional Therapy – Psychology vs. ThetaHealing

I love Psychology.  During my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Social Work I indulged wholeheartedly into psychology studies.  Sigmund Freud, Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, and of course, Carl Jung, these are the scientists I admire.  For me, people are like books to read and discover.  How they think, make decisions, live their lives.  In my opinion there is no right or wrong way to live, … Continue reading Emotional Therapy – Psychology vs. ThetaHealing