Psychic Connection

As a psychic I  Connected spiritually to people in order to give them a psychic reading.   For today’s Wordpress daily-prompt challenge, I decided to try to explain my understanding of  what it means to connect or channel a person. I believe we are all connected as single big energy.  Some call it the Universe.  Some call it God.  I will refer to it here as the collective energy.  Our … Continue reading Psychic Connection

Alternative Explanation for Miscarriage – Research Summary

For the past 6 years I have been researching my theory that miscarriages are not a physical phenomenon but rather an emotional or spiritual occurrence.  I have conducted a countless number psychic readings and consultations with women who have miscarried.  To date,  50 women have filled out my online miscarriage questionnaire.  So far the finding have strengthened my belief that miscarriages are not caused by a body malfunction but … Continue reading Alternative Explanation for Miscarriage – Research Summary

Difficult to hear

In the first psychic session I conduct with a new client I begin by verbally scanning them in order to learn who they are, how they think, see the world, whether they have the ability to love or be loved, and the depth of their fears.  Clients approach me for several reasons- miscarriages, pregnancy, stuck in life or just curious.  The initial readings are of the current state … Continue reading Difficult to hear

Taking my own advice

Lately I have been stretching my “comfort zone.”  This is something I have been coaching my clients for years to do in order to have them either provoke and/or feel the changes that have transpired in our treatment sessions.  But you know the saying, “It’s easier to preach than practice.” I admit that it is very difficult to step outside ones comfort zone.  My head comes up with 101 … Continue reading Taking my own advice

Releasing Emotional Blocks

Ever feel like you keep hitting a brick wall?  Working very hard to get ahead, lose weight, get pregnant, find a good partner, but are getting nowhere? I may be that an emotional block is holding you back. An emotional block is a conscious or unconscious belief, fear or anxiety that contradicts the goal for which you strive.  The fear of failure, religious beliefs, lack of … Continue reading Releasing Emotional Blocks

Messages From Within The Womb – After Miscarriages

This week’s message from the womb combines my work with new souls, miscarriage study and my work as a psychic therapist. M. is my client who came to me for a Miscarriage Reading after several miscarriages. To read the Miscarriage Reading click here. Shortly after our sessions began M. got pregnancy again. The fetus is currently healthy and strong. This is a channel with the … Continue reading Messages From Within The Womb – After Miscarriages

Follow your Head or your Heart? – Decision Making

Lately I have had some annoying decisions to make.  I like to rely on my decision making exercise to help me make difficult decision.   In the exercise I present to myself the dilemma at hand and listen to the replies I receive from both my heart  and my head. This is where the problem lays.  My head provides me with logical explanations of why I … Continue reading Follow your Head or your Heart? – Decision Making

A Spirit Occupied My Body

I have come in contact with many spirits in my work although I am not considered a Medium (see my blog post Mediums vs. Psychics).  I have seen or felt them standing next to my clients, they have spoken to me and through me, and I felt those  protecting my clients from above.  But today’s experience was nothing I have ever experienced. Today’s client, Fawn … Continue reading A Spirit Occupied My Body