No more sidestepping to McDonald’s

For years I have had the feeling that something deep inside of me was stopping my psychic business from flourishing.  It wasn’t because I wasn’t good enough or there isn’t a need for my service.  I wasn’t too expensive nor was I unreachable.  I knew that I was holding myself back, however I was aware in what way and how to stop it.  I am … Continue reading No more sidestepping to McDonald’s

On Strike – My life lesson

I often speak of overcoming life lessons.  Breaking out of the uncomfortable comfort zone.  Overcoming one’s fears and inabilities that stop you for doing or becoming who you know you should become.  Wishing you had the strength to do what others can do but you yourself can’t.  Yet I am again reminded that overcoming my own life lesson is so difficult, the pull to return … Continue reading On Strike – My life lesson

To Mourn or Celebrate

In exactly one month it will be the 10th anniversary of my beautiful daughter Ayala’s death from cancer. This year I thought of opening the usual small gathering of family and close friends at the grave for a informal memorial service, to those who knew Ayala during her short life and may want to remember her on this anniversary. I feel somewhat presumptuous to assume … Continue reading To Mourn or Celebrate