Taking my own advice

Lately I have been stretching my “comfort zone.”  This is something I have been coaching my clients for years to do in order to have them either provoke and/or feel the changes that have transpired in our treatment sessions.  But you know the saying, “It’s easier to preach than practice.” I admit that it is very difficult to step outside ones comfort zone.  My head comes up with 101 … Continue reading Taking my own advice

Winds of Change

  I started this blog over three years ago as place to share psychic readings of miscarriages for women.  They were readings for women who volunteered for my research into the “Spiritual Explanation for Miscarriages.”  As the years passed, women from around the world, who searched online for answers into the “why” of their miscarriages, have found comfort in my blog. Their kind words and messages gave me the … Continue reading Winds of Change

What is a psychic?

This is a hard question and my answer is my  understanding only.  I cannot speak for anyone other than myself.  The understanding of what a psychic is or does, like every thing else, is different for each person. According to my favorite website Dictionary.com a psychic is (n) a person who is allegedly sensitive to psychic influences or forces; medium, or (adj) sensitive to influences … Continue reading What is a psychic?