Psychic Connection

As a psychic I  Connected spiritually to people in order to give them a psychic reading.   For today’s Wordpress daily-prompt challenge, I decided to try to explain my understanding of  what it means to connect or channel a person. I believe we are all connected as single big energy.  Some call it the Universe.  Some call it God.  I will refer to it here as the collective energy.  Our … Continue reading Psychic Connection

Difficult to hear

In the first psychic session I conduct with a new client I begin by verbally scanning them in order to learn who they are, how they think, see the world, whether they have the ability to love or be loved, and the depth of their fears.  Clients approach me for several reasons- miscarriages, pregnancy, stuck in life or just curious.  The initial readings are of the current state … Continue reading Difficult to hear


Clarity  definition – clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity. Clarity for me is seeing my life without a filter.  Without the noise of my thoughts.  Without thinking of what society or my family believes should be done.  Listening to my heart instead of my head. Clarity for me is listening to my instincts even though they often goes against … Continue reading Clarity

The Voice of the Unborn Soul

I have the great privilege and the psychic ability of channeling the Voices of the unborn soul, either of a soul before its birth or one that has miscarried.  The unborn soul is a soul between two worlds, our world and the after-world. Being able to give a human voice to these unborn souls offers them a means to communicate or send messages to their mothers and others listening. … Continue reading The Voice of the Unborn Soul