I hate the control money has over me. I do not waste and I do not want but still… I hate worrying about it.  I hate fighting to get it.  I am tired of arguing with my partner about our finances.  I am tired of telling my children that we do not have enough money to purchase what they want or do what they want to … Continue reading Money

To post or not to post, that’s the question

I am very busy (see Superwoman or Busy Bee).  Yet for the past week I’ve had a need to write a personal post everyday .  This is not me.  I am used to hiding behind other people’s stories with my miscarriage research and psychic messages from soul fetuses.  However during last weekend’s retreat, in a meditative state, I kept on saying the mantra “to write, to … Continue reading To post or not to post, that’s the question

A welcome visit from my departed daughter

My sweet departed daughter, Ayala, came to visit often this weekend.  I was at a weekend self awareness seminars  on the Jordan River in Israel, down stream from where Christians come from around the world to be baptized.  She came to me during the healing Circle of Sound session.  Someone spoke of a child with cancer for whom he is helping through this time and I felt … Continue reading A welcome visit from my departed daughter


Clarity  definition – clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity. Clarity for me is seeing my life without a filter.  Without the noise of my thoughts.  Without thinking of what society or my family believes should be done.  Listening to my heart instead of my head. Clarity for me is listening to my instincts even though they often goes against … Continue reading Clarity

Superwoman or Busy Bee

I consider myself a superwoman.  Or in other words a very busy woman – mother of three boys, wife, day job, night-time psychic, chef, house cleaner, great friend and neighbor, etc… Oh and also a blogger.  Consequently, often I am exhausted.  I even had a minor breakdown two weeks ago after a month of family illnesses.  In the fast few days I have been trying to figure out if my … Continue reading Superwoman or Busy Bee