Special Down Syndrome Soul

A returning client, L. from Scotland, contacted me recently: Hi Noa, I have had a reading with you back in September 20XX. I had two miscarriages prior to that, but had a healthy little boy since then who is just over 6 months old.  I am currently pregnant again, 16 weeks, it’s totally unplanned but nice surprise.  Now we have been told that the baby … Continue reading Special Down Syndrome Soul

The magical journey continues

Although I have not written anything my spiritual journey continues. The path that I am taking is moving forward, evolving spiritually in my role as a psychic in this world is different from the past. Previously I felt alone as I found my way through the spiritual world on my own even though I am physically surrounded by spiritual guides. Israel and especially my location … Continue reading The magical journey continues

Prayer – with a little help from my friends

I just got back from what I only can desicribe as a prayer circle.  I was invited this morning to a gathering within the Chabad Jewish local religious community and my instincts immediately told needed me to go. So with my mother, on a cold and rainy night, ten women met in a lovely living room to offer prayer for themselves and for others.  We … Continue reading Prayer – with a little help from my friends

To Mourn or Celebrate

In exactly one month it will be the 10th anniversary of my beautiful daughter Ayala’s death from cancer. This year I thought of opening the usual small gathering of family and close friends at the grave for a informal memorial service, to those who knew Ayala during her short life and may want to remember her on this anniversary. I feel somewhat presumptuous to assume … Continue reading To Mourn or Celebrate