Standing in a Dark Room

Yael, a 39-year old female client from Israel, came to me for a psychic reading because she was tired of feeling stuck and unable to move forward in her life.  The youngest of her four children had finally started preschool and she had planned to make changes in her life, including separating from her husband of ten years. During our session Yael was very tearful and down. … Continue reading Standing in a Dark Room


I hate the control money has over me. I do not waste and I do not want but still… I hate worrying about it.  I hate fighting to get it.  I am tired of arguing with my partner about our finances.  I am tired of telling my children that we do not have enough money to purchase what they want or do what they want to … Continue reading Money

Flowing vs Pushing through Life

I finished my research projects and published the results both in English and in my local language, Hebrew.  Now what?  I feel that I should write an article based on the findings on a national scale and not just my blog.  I feel the need to lecture  in women’s festivals and to hold workshops. But the question is whether to let the universe find its way … Continue reading Flowing vs Pushing through Life

To post or not to post, that’s the question

I am very busy (see Superwoman or Busy Bee).  Yet for the past week I’ve had a need to write a personal post everyday .  This is not me.  I am used to hiding behind other people’s stories with my miscarriage research and psychic messages from soul fetuses.  However during last weekend’s retreat, in a meditative state, I kept on saying the mantra “to write, to … Continue reading To post or not to post, that’s the question

Psychic Connection

As a psychic I  Connected spiritually to people in order to give them a psychic reading.   For today’s Wordpress daily-prompt challenge, I decided to try to explain my understanding of  what it means to connect or channel a person. I believe we are all connected as single big energy.  Some call it the Universe.  Some call it God.  I will refer to it here as the collective energy.  Our … Continue reading Psychic Connection

A welcome visit from my departed daughter

My sweet departed daughter, Ayala, came to visit often this weekend.  I was at a weekend self awareness seminars  on the Jordan River in Israel, down stream from where Christians come from around the world to be baptized.  She came to me during the healing Circle of Sound session.  Someone spoke of a child with cancer for whom he is helping through this time and I felt … Continue reading A welcome visit from my departed daughter