Miscarriage – A Spiritual View: “Therapy First”

Participant in a Miscarriage Study on Facebook.  Originally posted on Facebook 17 February 2011

R. for England writes “Hello Noa, I had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago and findng it hard to come to terms with it, a real shock to the system. It was my 4th pregnancy. I was almost 8 weeks pregnant and was my first miscarriage. I have my good and bad days, however having my family around me is helping me tremendously and keeps me busy. I don’t know why it happened I’m still trying to find the answers in my own mind, however I do believe that things in life happen for a reason, I just don’t want to believe that this has happened to me and wish that I was still carrying my baby.”

The first message I get for R. is from Mother Nature. Mother Earth provides me with the nutritional status of my clients. R. is not eating right at the moment. This malnutrition state combined with the shock the body recently received is causing a little craziness within R. R. needs to start eating properly if she wants to return to mental stability. The body, mind and spirit work together. When one is suffering, the rest suffer as well.sadness

I feel R. is in a bad state at the moment. My feeling is that she really needs some therapy to clear up some issues. The miscarriage is one wake-up call, in a series of others that she has recently experienced, to make her deal with her issues. The issues will not go away and I also think they will prohibit her from carrying a baby to full term. I personally do not think it is the right time to bring a child into her world, and that her body cannot currently give the necessary conditions
for a fetus to properly develop.

I will not go into details about her issues because I do not have permission and this is not the right place. I do recommend for R. start working with me or someone else to release these believes from her life before she attempts pregnancy once again. I think she has learned her life lessons but needs to get rid of the difficult beliefs that taught her them. Theta Healing treatment takes about 2 months long and can be done via phone. It is an easy painless verbal treatment that release once and for all these burdening beliefs.

I wish I had an easier explanation but I write what I see.

Thank you R. for participating and I wish you the best of luck. You know how to contact me if you are ready to change.

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