Miscarriage – A spiritual view: “State of Mind”

Participant in a Miscarriage Study on Facebook.    Originally posted on Facebook dated 2 February 2011
D from New Zealand. was 5 weeks pregnant with her first child when she had her miscarriage. She is now pregnant with her third child.


The feeling I have of D at the time of her miscarriage is very different from the feeling I have of her at the present date. Now she is somewhat content and a peace but when I connect to the time of her first pregnancy I feel a very off person. A lost person who is unsure of themselves. My feeling is that she thought that a baby would fix all that, “put her right” is the words 

I get. But it would have made it much worse.

The miscarriage occurred because D. wasn’t in the right state of mind. I also feel that the miscarriage threw D. even more into depression from which she grew out of, developed and matured into the woman who was ready to welcome her first child with open and loving arms.

It is my feeling that the soul/first fetus came and did it on purpose to have D. have a “move-on”. (Is this a saying in New Zealand?)
Thank you D. for your participation.
D. from New Zealand’s response
3 Feb 2011 –
Hi Noa, Thanks for that, its pretty spot on, have had some guilt for years over that miscarriage.
D from N.Z

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