Miscarriage – A Spiritual View: “Slow Down Mom”

Participant in a Miscarriage Study on Facebook.  Originally posted on Facebook 15 Feb. 11

A. from England wrote “I am not sure how many miscarriage I had but I definitely know of 2 of them. I would like to know if its the same soul I am carrying now and what it is that I have to do help my present one to achieve a fulfilling life.”

First feeling I get from A. is that she is a spicy woman. She has an exotic feeling to her. Not at all British.tumblr_m7uh4xUbtC1rt05vro1_500

My feeling is that the miscarriages are due to her active lifestyle. She has been too busy to have a child in her life. She was not ready to commit her time and life properly to a child. After a while she got the message that she needs to slow down and from the beginning of the pregnancy begin to devote some of time for the goodness of the child/fetus and not only after it is born. Before the current pregnancy she was not ready emotionally however now she is and therefore is slowing down (and will slow down some more) in order to give the child room in her life. These nine months are not just for the fetus to grow but also to adjust to this new way of life. A slower way of life.

However I do not think that slower means not as fun, A. Don’t worry that your life is over, it is just changing its scene. All the wonderful energy that you have will go towards making your child’s life the best it can be. You will be an active mother who will give her all to the child. The child is lucky for that. You are growing up and those miscarriages were part of your maturing process.

Yes I definitely feel that it is the same soul. It is a strong soul. It feels masculine, like a warrior. It needs to be strong in order to stand up to A.’s energy and be able to fight it. By fighting it I mean convince A. to make the changes she needs to make in her life.* Look how the fetus already made A. slow down in order to provide him with the adequate circumstances to come into the world. My advice on how to allow the child to achieve a fulfilling life is by following his lead, by listening to what he needs and adapting yourself to fit his needs. Don’t fight it, just do it. At the same time you will be achieving a fulfilling life yourself.

Good luck and thank you for participating, Noa

* It is my experience that every fetus has a purpose in changing one of their parent’s lives by enlightening some life lesson that the parent has yet to overcome.

A. from England’s response
15 Feb 2011 –
Hi Noa, I really understand what you mean, it all makes perfect sense to me. I will definitely  learn from this and lead a much happier life. Thank you so much.
26 March 2011 –
Mazal Tov to A. from England on the birth of her new son.  Enjoy and learn from him.  Noa
26 March 2011 –
Thank you :), A.

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