Miscarriage – A Spiritual View: “Release the Past”

Participant in a Miscarriage Study on Facebook. Originally posted on facebook on July 15th, 2011

 June from Australia writes “I always wanted 8 children growing up and the last pregnancy was my 8th but I’m not sure whether I have finished having kids or there is still a possibility of another baby, I found out I was pregnant on Christmas eve , I was in two frames of mind due to our living arrangements at the time but it was still nice though , and in early February I started to bleed that led to the miscarriage, I have no idea why it happened, I was told though that my dad that passed away many years ago took the baby because it would have been me or her at birth but I’m really not sure of that……”

 June is very busy worrying all the time. With all her children how can she not? However her worrying is exhausting her. She worries about things that don’t need worrying about and then worries about worrying about it. She needs to relax and this last miscarriage is trying to let her do just that.

Most of time we worry how we are going to deal with things that MAY happen and we start worrying about it way too early. When things DO happen we deal with them famously, yet we still worry. The miscarriage showed June that she can deal with difficult and unexpected things. She took the miscarriage with the silence and calmness that she wishes she could deal with everything else.

That’s the thing, June you can. When it happen you were in control and you were accepting. Only when you started thinking about it later did it get out of control. There is something, a trauma, in your past, which you need to release, that causes you all the time to worry even though you know that you are strong woman who deals with everything that is thrown at you. And I believe the lost fetus / soul knew that now was the time for you to do so. Although I do not feel that you know what the trauma from your past is. Maybe I can help. Traumas do not necessarily need to be something big but the individual feels it strongly.

With regards to more children, I feel you should think if you really want another one or not, and not rely on what you always thought you should have. If you do want another one, then you will be able to conceive and birth it. Although I do not think it will be the same soul as the one that miscarriage. The soul fulfilled its mission with the miscarriage. The soul’s life lesson was about sacrifice and he was sent you to from above with love, however I don’t think it comes from your father.

Please let me know if you would like a full psychic reading to discover and possibly release the trauma that causes you to worry constantly, once and for all. We could do it via Skype or phone.

Thank you so much for participating.
Response from June:
 21/7/11 – I have to agree that since last year I have been under a lot of stress and I believe myself that I’m suffering from it now, I know I’m collapsing slowly and my health is suffering from it.

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