Miscarriage – A Spiritual View: “Not Deserving”

Participant in a Miscarriage Study on Facebook.  . Originally posted on Facebook 8 Feb. 11

N. from Israel has volunteered to get information about a miscarriage. She has a young son and I believe would like to have another child.

I have a feeling that N. had two miscarriages, both that she was aware of. I feel there is some belief within her that is blocking the accurate growth of the fetus. A belief about Not deserving, although I cannot tell more because I do not have permission to see more.

I do feel that the child born (although not the same soul) is very very strong and would not let his mother’s beliefs stop him from entering her life and making her deal with some of these personal issues. He is a very strong willed child and N., you may be avoiding dealing with these life lessons but at some point he will break you. Say thank you to him when he finally does it. However. if you want more children you need to deal with these issues now rather than later. There is something in you detaining the soul’s arrival. I cannot tell you if I can see more souls waiting for you but that maybe because, again, I do not have permission to. But my feeling is that the souls are hesitant just as you are unconsciously hesitant.

I have found it common for woman who are having a difficult time conceiving, although I have mostly worked with women who already have one child, to have some belief or fear within them that is stopping them for conceiving again. It is my belief that souls/children come into their parent’s lives to help them bring to light and help them overcome personal issues from the pastNevertheless, these personal issues that are brought up are also interfering with conceiving again.

Thank you N. for participating. You know how to reach me if you would like to discuss it some more. I would be happy to hear from you again. 

N. from Israel’s reaction:

8 Feb. 2011 – Indeed. I had some issues to deal with that came about during my shiatsu sessions, about my very early being, things I knew about and never dealt with. I truly hope that it is all clear now. I feel more confidence about my abilities to overcome this and be happy about what I already have in my life. The wonderful gift that is Tomer and Lior and all the love I receive from them and the rest of those who care about me.

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