Miscarriage – A Spiritual View: “No Time”

Participant in a Miscarriage Study on Facebook. Originally posted in Facebook on 25 July 2011

Lisa from United States writes: I got pregnant on my honeymoon with my oldest daughter Alexandra. It was an easy, non eventful pregnancy. When she was 10 mos old we started trying again. During the next 8 years I got pregnant 11 times: at least one set of twins, and one set of triplets (there may have been more multiples, but I don’t know for sure). After losing the triplets in 1998, I “gave up.” Six months later I got pregnant with my son and 18 mos after that I got pregnant with my youngest daughter. Both pregnancies were rough, traumatic, almost lost both kids, but they are doing well now. My kids are currently aged: 20, 11, and 9. All of the miscarriages were right at the end of my first trimester~ 8-11 weeks along.

I feel Lisa was in a crazy period in her life back then. The child that was born caused a big mess of her life. She was originalmore than both you and your husband could handle (at that time). She demanded so much of your time that you did not have time to have more children. I also feel that there were some financial issues then that also took a lot of your time and energy. And you were not as calm and free about life as you are now. You were very stressed then.

You also were very stressed with the need to bring children into this world. It feels like you were somehow forcing them out against their own free will. Like you were demanding that they come into your life even if it wasn’t the right time. You are very strong spiritually. It is only in these later in life that you learned how to control it and be at peace with it. Back then you had the powers, great powers, but you did not know how to properly use them. So when the great witch says I want a child, she gets a child. But the new soul who were forced into pregnancy were stronger than you while still in the fetus stage and these souls said, she is not ready for us yet even though she wants us. I feel that they were right. It would have been too much on your already heavy plate if children came in at that time.

Think of what occurred during that period of time when you “gave up”. Something in your life was released that released all stress, including the need for children. Life changed for you then in so many ways. You became more relaxed, less occupied with yourself and the craziness your daughter was causing you. And when you relaxed, she too relaxed. And so did your husband and the payment problems. Then you were ready for the children to come in. But when they came in they had to deal with a body that was traumatized from all the pregnancies and losses from the past. It was a tired body. It feels like a dough that has been worked on too much and now has to baked into bread. (I don’t understand the analogy, but I hope you do Lisa)

Be grateful that the souls came in when they did. They came at the “right time” for you and for them. These souls were souls that were waiting in the sidelines for when the time would be right. They were not part of those earlier souls that were pushing to get into this world as fast as possible. The waited for when they knew you were ready for them.

I hope you found your answers. Thank you for participating.

Lisa from U.S.’s response:

27/7/11 – Everything you said made sense to me. I’m still under tremendous stress, but I’m older, and wiser, and more able to deal with it. Thank you again. ~Lisa

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