Miscarriage – A Spiritual View: “In the Black”

Participant in a Miscarriage Study on Facebook. Originally posted in Facebook on 5 July 2011

 Iris from Israel came to me for a full psychic reading after having a miscarriage. She has had 3 miscarriages in her life and has 5 children. Interestingly she was unaware of my study.

From the full body scan which I always do in a psychic reading, I noticed that Iris is in an “unwell” state-of-mind. The real Iris is lost deep within and can’t get out. Her thoughts and view of the world is pre-occupied to an unhealthy degree with the status of her children. Her heart is in such a melancholy state it brought tears to my eyes. Hence, the desire for another child stems from her endless need for love.

The area around her uterus was especially worrisome. She had so much pain and fear stored up in that area that I felt the need to advise not to allow a fetus to develop there. When she wondered how come she already has five children. I got the image of five very strong, stubborn children.

It is my understanding that only those souls that were strong enough survived the developmental process while the weak ones didn’t. I don’t think the souls that miscarried returned for a second attempt. It is my belief that this last miscarriage and her search for understanding has finally caused her to take care of herself and unburden that pain, fear and hurt that she is carrying around in her heart and stomach.

Iris has begun Theta Healing treatment with me and I hope that after the treatments her body will be calm and healthy enough to allow a child to develop properly, that is if she still feels the need for a child.

I wish her the best of luck during this period of realization, release and eventual healing. It is a difficult but rewarding process that in the end will let the inner Iris come out and shine in all her glory.

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