Miscarriage – A Spiritual View : “Force Field”

Participant in a Miscarriage Study on Facebook. Originally posted on Facebook in 22 February 2011.

K.W. from England wrote “I would be interested, I believe I am spiritual but still cant make sense of my miscarriages :(“

K.W. feels like a very personal person. It is difficult to feel her because she is very protective of herself and her energy. I feel it is from the fear of being touched. I do not think this is a fear of being physically touched but rather emotionally touched and hurt. She has some type of force field around her.

I think this force field is also not allowing other souls to come within. I am interested to know at what stage of the pregnancy the miscarriages occurred. It would be my non-professional guess that maybe in the first trimester. It is my belief that during the first trimester the fetus body and soul check to see if they can work together. Whether the body is strong enough to carry to birth. Whether the mother is ready. And maybe in K.W.’s case, whether the soul can get in.

I feel there are a few souls (possible future children) waiting patiently for her to accept them. I also feel that they are a little bit worried about her and want the best for her. They are not worried that she cannot be a good mother to them and they will wait for her, but rather that she is having a difficult time integrating them and how it is making her feel.

I recommend that K.W. deal with the issues that keep up the force field and slowly get rid of it so that others, including the baby’s soul, can enter.

Thank you K.W. for participating and wish you the best future.

Responses from K.W.

22/2/11 – I would agree that I am very protective of myself and feel as though I have made improvements with it in the past 2 years but since having the miscarriage I seem to have built it back up you are right in thinking it was the first trimester I was 10 weeks when the fetus left my body but scans showed it had stopped growing at 5 weeks. I don’t know how to get rid of my force field if you could tell me how much it is for a full reading and could tell me how I can get rid of this force field that surrounds me. Many thanks. K.W

K.W. did have a channel session with me and wrote on 17 March 2011 –

I do think the session helped it made me realize how much I let my past control my present and my future. Although I will never forget my experiences I think I have learnt to accept them and use them to my advantage since speaking with you I feel as though I have changed a great deal and for the better I can’t thank you enough for your help and support.

I have also recently found out I am expecting again I am only 6weeks and am going for a scan on wed to see if everything is as it should be I keep saying out loud that I love them am ready for them and will look after them. Fingers crossed. I guess only time will tell as I know you don’t channel fetus until after 1st trimester. Thank you ever so much for your help.

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