Miscarriage – A Spiritual View: “Confrontation”

Participant in a Miscarriage Study on Facebook. Originally posted in Facebook on 14 April 2011

 My name is Vicky from Israel. I married+ a girl, recently I got pregnant again but unfortunately I had a miscarriage in the 7th week. I want to understand why it happened and what I can do so it would not occur again because I very much desire another baby. I’m a little worried I might be pregnant again because of one occurrence since then that could possibly cause it and that worries me, too. In addition, I am a student of Naturopathy. Again I thank you for the opportunity you offer me and other women. Thank you, Vicky from Israel.

The first message I get is from Mother Earth. Mother Earth provides me with the nutritional status of my clients. The message I am getting is that Vicky needs to listen to her own learned advice in her ways of eating. She is not eating in accordance to her body. Rather she is trying to control her body with what she eats and her body is fighting back. Also her child would prefer to eat a little differently and she should listen also to her. Listening to others rather than the laws / rules sounds like an issue that Vicky has and I feel comes from her heritage background (USSR).

I feel that Vicky has let others have their say in her life. She feels like someone who gives in too easily to what others demand and expect of her. Once in a while she springs up and says “NO! I would let others control me this time.” I feel that the miscarriage is something in this essence. It isn’t Vicky saying that she doesn’t want to have the baby but rather the soul showing her how it feels to be in the receiving end of her bursts of rebellion. What it feels like when someone else does it to her and its ramifications. I believe that each incoming soul has something to teach its parent and often it is in the most difficult and frustrating ways that drive the parents nuts but at the same time makes them look at themselves as the source of the problem (the children come from within us with our genes and personality).

The soul / fetus is showing Vicky what these sudden explosions of demand feel like to others. What affect it has on others who receive it from her. Vicky’s need to be obedient most of the time with the knowledge that when she wants something she has the power to get it by striking out is unhealthy. She needs to learn to find balance. To learn to stand up for herself most the time and not only when she explodes her demands. She would not want her child to do the same with her and the miscarriage was just a preview to this kind of behavior. I feel that she needed the “in your face” experience, as difficult as it was, to understand the full concept of her destructive behavior.

In thinking of the best way for Vicky to overcome this submissive / resistant pattern would be to make up rules for her desired life. From Mother Earth we have already learned that this is the way she works. A list of how she wants to behave with others; what are the acceptable boundaries of her demands from others that would be beneficial for her; and what are the boundaries of what she is willing others to demand from her in order to live a calmer life. A life that she can receive what she needs without having to have a brash demand of it.

I feel that the soul is still with Vicky. I even feel it laughing.

Vicky, I believe you can achieve the things you want without fear. Release your ancestral beliefs. You are not where you came from anymore and your parents’ beliefs are not necessary in the environment you live in. Take control of the situation as you wish it to be and believe that when you are ready, the soul will take your key and return as a new fetus.

Vicky from Israel response:

15 April 2011 –
I am very surprised to read it [the reading] because you really do not know me, yet you could knew things about me things that even the people closest to me do not know. About my birth in the Soviet Union and all its laws that really do relate to me because I immigrated to Israel at the age of two. But I really feel that I am not standing up for myself enough. I keep things to myself and I feel it affects my performance in life because I know I can do things 100 times better if I have no thoughts of proving my opinions to others. It creates a situation within me that I’m not really myself and it weakens me physically and mentally. The problem is I do not have enough courage to say what s is in my heart and it’s hard for me to get out of this cycle. With regards to the fetus and soul you gave me much hope and the desire to get better and be worthy of the soul that you choose me to raise it. I really really want to change but my intuition tells me that there is something that is hard for me to deal with.
Although my parents think that an abortion occurred because of the economic situation or environment-related causes, I know within me that it just because of me. That is the reason that it is difficult for me to deal with the miscarriage because I know I am to blame. Your reading is very helpful. You caused me to face exactly what I feared to admit and knowledge. I would appreciate it, if you do not mind of course, to explain a little more about my soul because I’m curious about the fact that you said that she is laughing. But of course if it is not possible then there is no need.

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