Miscarriage – A Spiritual View: “Lessons”

Participant in a Miscarriage Study on Facebook. Originally posted in Facebook on the 3rd of August 2011

L.C. from the United States writes: “Noa, I know in your past posts you spoke about miscarriages. I’ve had one, which was a tubal pregnancy anyway. I consider it a miscarriage because even though I had to have a D&C to remove it, it felt the same as losing a child that I’ll never know now. What I was wondering is this: my mother had 6 miscarriages before having me. Is this something you can channel and make some sense to me why I was the only one born. It makes me so sad sometimes to think of all of the brothers and sisters I could have had, but there was only me.”

L.C. is interesting to me. At first I wanted to tell her that her mother’s miscarriages were her mother’s and that I could not help her because I do not have approval from her mother to do channel her, but I could not sit down and write that. I postponed and postponed writing it and now I know why. There is the belief that the soul chooses its parents in order to provide with the atmosphere and situation it needs to overcome its life lessons. In addition there is the belief that some of our belief system gets transferred from our parents through their DNA.

I feel that in L.C.’s case, the issue of loving and losing something even before it was born was life lesson that L.C. had to overcome and this lesson came from her mother. Her mother had to deal with the same life lesson but either did not or could not, which I do not know, but L.C. did deal with it after her own miscarriage.

I cannot offer an answer to why L.C. was an only child, but I do feel that growing up in an atmosphere that was somewhat mournful was something that L.C. needed to deal with and has caused her to bring up her family in a completely different atmosphere.

L.C. I hope this was hopeful. I do feel that everything you went through as a child and as an adult that seemed difficult and tragic was for a higher purpose and I think you know what that purpose is. Continue doing your special work in the universe. Thank you for your participation. And I would love to hear what your special job is.

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