Miscarriage – A Spiritual View: “A Small Shock”

Participant in a Miscarriage Study on Facebook. Original post on Facebook on 5 July 2011

J.B. from Australia writes, “I lost a baby last year in November. I blame myself every day. Can you please tell me why I lost it? I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time.”

 J.B. is a very happy girl. She loves life and everything in it. She has been sheltered from the ugly things all her life and therefore is very innocent. Too innocent according to some people [don’t know who] who believe she should be more aware of what is happening around her so that she can properly prevail when something difficult happens. She shouldn’t always rely on someone to shelter her especially if she is going to be a mother. As a mother she is the one who needs to be sheltering against the evils of the world but she would be unable to do so if she doesn’t know that they exist.

An unfortunately they exist in order to teach us [our souls] their life lessons. Something that I believe J.B. has not avoided doing but has done in a very simple way. She has more to learn and needs to be ready for them. Her future child will also cause her to deal with difficulties and so this miscarriage is something small (although it feels very large) to prepare J.B. for future incidents in which she will have to be in control in order to calm the child and in addition herself.

The image I am receiving is that a small town person going to the big city. If they were thrown into New York City with its noise, overcrowding and big skyscrapers it would be overwhelming and very scary. It would be smart first to bring them to a smaller calmer city (Sydney?) so that they can overcome the initial shock before dealing with the NY.

As strange as it sounds, I find the miscarriage to be a small shock before the big shock, a child and all that it entails. It sounds like such a sad thing to occur in order to cause a small shock but this is not the first time I see something like this. K. from England (Case #5) also had a reality wakeup with her miscarriage and was thankful for it in the end.

J.B., the miscarried soul wanted you to be ready to accept it to the best of your ability without being a big scary burden. It wants you to grow up a little, maybe travel a bit to the big city, prepare yourself for motherhood and all the difficult trials that comes with it. And it does it out of love. When you are ready, it will return to you and the two of you will be compatible for each other.

Thank you J.B. for your participating. Hope you find the peace you seek in this explanation. Enjoy the big city and motherhood.

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