Miscarriage – A Spiritual View: “A Much Needed Break”

Participant in a Miscarriage Study on Facebook. Originally posted on Facebook – 22 February 2011

M.R. writes “Hi…I recently had a miscarriage after having 5 healthy children, I am now 13 weeks pregnant having conceived within weeks of loss. However I know people may think I’m strange but really want to know if that baby could have been resent to me now. and if not where he or she is now. Because I can’t imagine not ever seeing that baby as to me it was as real as if I held him or her.”

M.R. feels like a very loving person, full of love and giving. She also feels like a very calm woman who doesn’t get upset very easily. She does have her hands full but takes it all in stride. She keeps on wanting to add more and more children however I do not feel that this is from a religious standpoint but rather the drive to receive / surround herself with more and more love and bringing more children into the world is how she thinks she can get it. I am not sure if having more children will ever fulfill her need completely. I think it is a life lesson she needs to deal with.

I think the recent miscarriage was a break. The opportunity to have a gap of time between one child and the next. The soul was offering the mother a chance to relax and breathe a bit before the next round. There is a saying either you take a break or you break something in order to take it, often meaning a broken leg or something, I think the same meaning is relevant here.

I see the current pregnancy as being the same soul as the lost fetus and I think this particular soul / child will have a great affect on the mental and emotional well-being of M.R. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I do not have permission to, but I feel that this soul has been sent to fill some of the “holes” or spots of emptiness within M.R. We already saw that it knows how to let her slow down a bit, imagine what it will do when it is born.

Thank you so much for your participation M.R. and wish you the best with your children. Please let the new little one work its magic on you, it will make you a more whole person.

M.R.’s response

26 Feb. 2011 –

“Thank you for your reply. Yes I agree that I am hoping that I can get love from these children that I crave, as I have never really felt happy and these children give me a focus from the unhappiness. I feel that you were also right in that the loss of my baby was a way of letting me have a break that I needed and it also taught me a lesson of how valuable children are and not to take things for granted and now I’ve been blessed with this baby I feel so protective more than I think I have before like its special. I don’t intend on having any more after this one as I know I have enough to cope with and need to think of the ones I have. I can’t describe it but I feel such a strong bond with this baby already and I do feel that it is possibly my fetus resent. You’ve helped me by telling me what I knew but didn’t want to admit and I know that I can be searching forever through my children the love I crave so I know that this is my last to cherish . Can’t wait to hold this baby now won’t ever want to let her or him go. Thank you.”



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