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22 December 2013 – In this Lifetime

“I love surpises.  I told them up there not to let me know who my parents are, what my [life] lessons are, what I am meant to learn.  I feel that part of the learning is discovering and that is what I intend to do with this lifetime.  Because in the last lifetime…(laughs)”

– 7th month fetus, Israel. The mother did not know the exact date and did not want to know the sex of baby.  In fact, her friend is keeping this reading a secret until the child is much older.   Like mother, like child. 

A Personal Note about the Messages 
Every week I discover something new about these messages.
I have noticed that I do not decide with which woman to channel for a message but rather I am pulled towards a certain woman.  I feel the soul within them calling me.  This past week I could not figure out who I will channel.  I started to worry.  None of the women who already volunteer seems right for this week.  I kept on waiting for someone new to sign up and I started to panic.
Then I met her at the playground when I was with my children.  This was the soul that was calling me.  This is the soul that is meant to be heard this week.

15 December 2013 – Inside vs Outside the Womb

“It is so different between inside and outside [the womb].  Inside it is so calm and melancholy and outside it is so loud and crass.  I like it inside more.  I am not ready to go out.”

– Mother of 2, Works with nursery school children, Week 19, from Israel

A personal note on the reading: The use of the word “melancholy” in the reading interested me so I channeled the fetus once again to feel him and his surroundings within the womb.  It isn’t sad or depressing in the womb but it is quiet in there and feels secluded from the loud crazy world outside the womb.  As a child this soul will always want to find a quiet corner to read a book and be alone.  This is what it likes.

8 December 2013 – It’s Funny in Here.

“IT’S FUNNY IN HERE.  Water keeps moving me around.  [As a soul] I am used to free air and no quick movements.  But this woman constantly jumps.  It’s funny.”

– Expectant Mother from the United Kingdom, Week 26

 1 December 2013 – Light

“Do not think of me as a pea[pod] but as a light growing within you.  As I grow, the light gets bigger and bigger and needs a mean to contain it and control its temperature thus my body gets formed.  All my life my light gets brighter but the spark started within you.  YOU LIT MY LIGHT.”

– Religious Woman, 5th month pregnant


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