No more sidestepping to McDonald’s

For years I have had the feeling that something deep inside of me was stopping my psychic business from flourishing.  It wasn’t because I wasn’t good enough or there isn’t a need for my service.  I wasn’t too expensive nor was I unreachable.  I knew that I was holding myself back, however I was aware in what way and how to stop it.  I am … Continue reading No more sidestepping to McDonald’s

On Strike – My life lesson

I often speak of overcoming life lessons.  Breaking out of the uncomfortable comfort zone.  Overcoming one’s fears and inabilities that stop you for doing or becoming who you know you should become.  Wishing you had the strength to do what others can do but you yourself can’t.  Yet I am again reminded that overcoming my own life lesson is so difficult, the pull to return … Continue reading On Strike – My life lesson

The magical journey continues

Although I have not written anything my spiritual journey continues. The path that I am taking is moving forward, evolving spiritually in my role as a psychic in this world is different from the past. Previously I felt alone as I found my way through the spiritual world on my own even though I am physically surrounded by spiritual guides. Israel and especially my location … Continue reading The magical journey continues

Prayer – with a little help from my friends

I just got back from what I only can desicribe as a prayer circle.  I was invited this morning to a gathering within the Chabad Jewish local religious community and my instincts immediately told needed me to go. So with my mother, on a cold and rainy night, ten women met in a lovely living room to offer prayer for themselves and for others.  We … Continue reading Prayer – with a little help from my friends