Miscarriage – A soul’s window of opportunity

I keep thinking about a recent miscarriage reading. K., a 44-year-old woman from New Zealand, contacted me “as I write my body is about to have its second miscarriage”. In this particular case I felt the need to ignore my one month mourning policy and conduct a Miscarriage session as soon as possible.

During the session I felt that K. had the most unusual amazing energy, one that I had never felt before. When I asked K. her religious beliefs, she said she was brought up Christian. I have channeled different Christian women around the world and K.’s energy felt deeper and more Earth bound than the Christian energy. When I asked what was the religion of her parents she said that her mother was Maori, which is the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand, and this felt so right.

K. has distanced herself from her native religion, yet spiritually she is an elder. The unborn soul that released itself needs K. to return to her Maori roots so that it can be born into the Maori culture and energy for a proper upbringing. I believe that the miscarriage was purposeful so that K. would search for the reason for the loss, which it did. During her online search for answers, she was lead to my blog. I believe that the universe sent her to me and that I am meant to assist her in her spiritual journey and assist the soul to be born into the spiritual conditions it requires for its life journey.

The unborn child’s father is also Maori and the soul wants him to be its father. Interestingly K. is having relationship problems with her partner. However, I felt the soul’s need for K. to get impregnated by this particular man. I also felt that it did not matter to the soul whether the two parents remained together, it only needed their combined biological genes.

I also received the message that the soul needed to be born as soon as possible and that its window of opportunity was small. There was something this particular soul needed to do in our world and that the timing was crucial. I felt pressure from the spiritual guides and the unborn soul to assist K. in her healing so that the soul could come through. She feels very ripe for these changes and it would be easily attained. And the Maori energy is so incredible!

A few hours before the first of four healing sessions, K. cancelled the session. She and her boyfriend were not getting along and money was tight (although I offered a nice discount). I believe that these healing cannot be forced on a person and when the time is right then they are open for the change. The decision to go with one’s instincts or logic is part of God’s Free Will. In this case, K decided upon logic. I just hope that K.’s “right time” will not be too late for the soul’s window of opportunity of being born into our world.


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