House of Changes

My house and family are going through a period of change.  3 out of 5 members of the immediate family are in the middle of life changes.  I do not believe that it is a coincidence that we are going through these changes at the same time. yet I am unable to say who influenced whom.  The type of changes are different and our reactions to these changes are also completely different yet each of us have or are facing issues that take us out of our comfort zone.  I know that when one family member changes, the difference in energy is felt by all family members.  I question what strain the unit will withstand with 3 family members going through changes.  I am just glad to be going through these changes together.

My oldest 18-year-old son enlisted today for compulsory military service in Israel.  He is a gentle boy and as much as he tried to get out of combat duty, his high-profile would not allow.  He joined what he considers “light” combat duty which will be as far away from the action as possible.  It is a huge change for him.  My son likes to be on his own at home, not surrounded by people 24/7.  In addition to the regular difficult combat boot camp, he needs to find a way to find his place among others.  He will need to face some of his most sensitive issues in order to live his daily life.

He was depressed yesterday.  He feels that his enlistment goes against his will and everything he believes in.  My heart goes out to him but I believe this short-term (2.8 years) adventure will be a good experience in the end.

My husband, a high school teacher for over 20 years, has been facing his own life lessons for the past two years.  In addition in getting his Masters in Education, my husbanddecided that if he did not get the promotion after 10 years at the school and that he duly deserves by the end of this higher education, he will move on.  It was an ultimatum. It made him go against his kibbutz upbringing in which one worked where one was told without being able to demand what you want.  He fought against being a yes man.  To stand up for his beliefs in a vocation where most teachers fear leaving their comfortable position and therefore succumb to management. My parter fought management, lost, and then found a new teaching job.  In essence he won.

I believe his change came about from the combination of higher education, being over 40, and being in a stage in his life that allowed him to face his life lessons.  It has not been an easy two years for the family, witnessing his inner struggles and nervousness that comes with difficult transformation.  Without struggle, change does not really occur.

I am also going through a life transformation at the moment.  I am about to separate from my day job and hope to concentrate on night job as a psychic.  I am not sure that I can support my family.  It is still a surprise for me and I am unsure what will be the next steps getting there.   Unlike Chen, I did not time to prepare for the change at a certain date.  Unlike my husband, I did not consciously evoke it.  It just happened.

Was I influenced unconsciously by energy in the house brought about by changes of other or did the universe believe that I too need to make the necessary changes to keep up to the evolution of our family.  I welcome it but the fact that 2 others are also going through changes, and they claimed it first, worries me.  Will it be too much for everyone?  My old mind frame of letting others go before me once again sneaks in and pushes me back.  I find a way to again take a sidestep to my fated path.  The new revised me will not allow for any more sidestepping, going to the back of the line, or giving up my place for others.  I will not stem the flow of change.

I can’t speak about my husband and son but I am enjoying the fact that these changes are occurring together.  It is like a wave that we are all gliding on.  My son will probably disagree saying that my husband and I chose our changes (more or less) and he was forced into it.  I see the difference between our changes in that my husband and son know their path I am still unsure of what my path is taking me.  We may all be feeling very vulnerable at the moment, we are lucky that we are in a loving and supportive family and that we have each other’s back.  In fact, I don’t feel there is any pressure from my husband to immediately find another job.  This really surprises me.  Change is good!

Now we just to see how the two youngest will interpret these changes in their lives.


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