Adventure – Osho Israel Festival

A day after being told that it was time for me to move on from my current job (not fired but released with love) I am at a Osho festival for the weekend. Eighteen months ago my instincts told me I needed to go to this festival at this time.  I never guessed then that it would be coinciding the release from a stable job and into the unknown.  Although it does not surprise me at all as I do not believe in coincidence. I truly believe that God works in mysterious ways.

Day 1 13:35  – I am working at the festival as a “helper”. Work few hours a day in return for entrance fees, a meal a day and access to all the events. Plus you get to feel part of the festival. At the helpers’ pre-festival opening gathering, we were all invited to pick a Osho tarot card. I choose the card adventure. It felt so fitting.  I love the image. הורד

14.55 – I am meeting so many interesting people, most in their late 20s early 30s. I remembered how I was at this age, searching for myself and consulting with amazing older women who guided me in my journey. I have now become one of those wise women.  I am joyfully taken on this role with the younger generation in their search for spiritual understanding. I am happy to share my knowledge.

19:50 Went to first workshop – Liberating the Chakras. Discovered that at the moment I need to liberate the Manipora or Solar Plexus Chakra.

manipura-chakraWhen the workshop instructor was quickly describing the chakras, I found myself tearing up about the yellow cloth used to symbolize the chakra that stands for will-power and shame. During the exercise  I had to give the inner pain a bodily posture.  For me it bending over while holding my upper stomach with both of my hands.  I learned that I hold on to this painful inner part of me because I feel there is power in being the victim.

23.55 Enjoyed dancing to concert of the band Full Trunk. Funk music like I love. Played strange covers, very well, including The Twist. So I twisted. The dance makes you twist the upper abdomen, the exact location if the blocked chakra. Warming up the area.

Day 2 – An amazing day of concerts and people.   I got back to who I truly am within.  Not the woman bogged down with family stress, work stress, and being the responsible one.  Music, dancing, talking and just be silent me led me back to myself.

Day 3 – 8:45 Just finished a Rebirthing workshop. The body is a natural healer – broken bones, scrapes,  surgery, etc.  The concept is that through controlled breathing the body can naturally heal its emotional scrapes as well.  It is an intense experience that shook me to the core.  In a final healing stage I heard one of the workshop emotional supporters whisper to me that “the world loves me.”  I asked him why he said that to me and he said he just knew it to be true.  He is right, the world does love me.  I feel it all the time.

13:00 Due to the recent release of Netfix’s Wild Wild Country that documents the Osho community in Oregon in the 1980s, a panel of Osho members who lived during this time on the Rajneeshpuram city and / or other Osho compounds spoke. It was very interesting to hear their experiences in the city, their reactions to the series, and the Osho community at large.

17:00 Final workshops – I was in the last steps before the tent of the workshop of my choice and suddenly I took a sharp right and ran to the other side of festival grounds to enter a different workshop.  At this workshop two very important things occurred.

  1. The workshop, based on Spiritual Psychology, explained their theory of the connection of between the soul and the body.  The explanation was very similar to my understanding of soul’s relationship with the body and God.  Getting a  confirmation to my beliefs was amazing.
  2. I became the volunteering model for the spiritual psychology exercise that the group would also do with each other.  In other words, the workshop leader, in front of the whole group, worked on my issues.  I received confirmation, insight and   answers to the questions that I unconsciously brought the festival.  I may blog about this workshop in the upcoming days.

19:30 Packed and ready to leave. I stayed until the end to enjoy one final amazing concert.  To part with people who I met and guided my weekend spiritual adventure.  I came into the festival not know what to expect but knowing that I am supposed to be there.  I knew that it was part of my spiritual journey.  The fact that my boss felt that I needed to move on in my life, to enter the next chapter, a day before the festival was part of the process.  Tomorrow I will need to begin starting the physical aspect of the spiritual growth. I am curious what is deep in the rainbowed woods of my tarot card. I do believe that changes will be in tune to my speed and that the universe will guide me the entire way.  This time, there will be no sidestepping along the way.  I have been reborn and have learned to not be easily averted from my fated path.  My will power is stronger than ever.


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