Special Down Syndrome Soul

A returning client, L. from Scotland, contacted me recently:

Hi Noa,

I have had a reading with you back in September 20XX. I had two miscarriages prior to that, but had a healthy little boy since then who is just over 6 months old.  I am currently pregnant again, 16 weeks, it’s totally unplanned but nice surprise.  Now we have been told that the baby has got Down syndrome and I am very confused about what to do.  Please don’t consider me being shallow but I am extremely scared, don’t think I will be able to cope but equally don’t have the courage to terminate the pregnancy, as I think it’s wrong to do it, but the fear of not knowing is currently winning.

What I would like to know is whether I could have another reading with you that could perhaps point me in the right direction.  Also would like to know if the baby would every forgive me if I have decided to terminate, I don’t want to live with the guilt for the rest of my life.

Before I held the reading I let L. know that 1) I will not tell her what to do, and 2) she needs to be open to what may come up during the session. I have channeled Down Syndrome and other types of special souls in the past.  (I call them specials souls because that is exactly how they feel within the womb, in a beautiful and positive way.) The mothers that I channeled up to now were aware that they were having special souls and have come to the decision to assist them on their unique journey in life.  What also struck me in L.’s message was the fact that the pregnancy was “totally unexpected.”  To me this was somewhat a sign that this soul came through on purpose.  I was a bit hesitant about the session and the heavy responsibility that came with it.

It was an incredible session. One of first messages I that came through was that this was God’s gift but that L. had the right to choose not to accept it, and not feel that she has sinned or feel guilty.  This was the motif throughout the session. The special soul with in her would touch each family member in a particular manner and would help them in their life lesson.  However, if L. decided not to have the child, the family will move on in life on a different path but just as good.


Although the older brother is currently only six months old , its role in life is to be a guide to the special soul and those around him. The special female soul and this boy’s soul come together into this world as a pair. He would guide her throughout her whole life having a unique and beautiful relationship as her older brother.  If the special soul did not come in, the older brother will lose his special guide powers nevertheless live a happy and fulfilling life. It would not feel like he is missing something in life and will return in the role of the guide this special spirit in a future lifetime.


I was shown that in a previous lifetime, this special soul was very busy and ambitious, always obsessing with the future in an extreme way. In this lifetime its lesson was to live simply, in the here and now. To enjoy the simple things in life and that is exactly how the unborn child felt. Very happy in the simple tasks in life. Always with a smile on her face. I felt that she would be very easy child to take care of with the challenge of education being the largest hurdle. I was not shown any major medical issues however L. recently wrote that there is a question of heart problems.


The father felt like he was lost in the world.  He is in his late 20’s without any spiritual  direction, which was also affecting him in the physical world.  He works at a job that just brings him money without any happiness or satisfaction.  He did not know what he was destined to do or how to discover it.  In short he feels like he is just drifting in life and L. confirmed this.  He is also very confused as to what to do with the Down Syndrome fetus and has left L. to make the decision.  During the session I felt that if they did bring the special soul into this world it would cause the father to do a bit of soul-searching as to why the special soul came into his life in this manner.  He would become a very attentive and active father.  The special soul was pushing the Father to face his life lessons and set him on his way to his fated life.  If his wife’s decision was to release the soul, then it would take a delay his self-discovery.


L.’s heart and loving capacity is infinite.  This special power allows her to accept, enrich, and facilitate the uncommon life of this special soul.  She was fated to do so.  The special soul would not be too difficult for her to handle nor would it be a burden on her life and family.  Quite the opposite.  Deep down she knows this but contacted me to hear it from someone else.  Her heart tells her to have this special soul but her head (societal beliefs and notions) confuse her.  Interestingly, I was not shown how her life would be affected if she decided not to bring the special soul into the world.  Only that she should not feel guilty about it, as mentioned earlier.

The session was a very positive session both in keeping the child and releasing the soul.  There was love felt throughout the session, from God, the special soul, and the mother towards her children.  L. has a difficult decision to make between what she feels deep down (to keep the child) and the mental worries.  Whatever she decides it will be the right decision.  God gave us Free Wiland loves and accepts us no matter what we decide.  My personal opinion is that when you go with what you feel deep down, when you listen to your intuition, then what you are fated to do comes to pass.


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