The magical journey continues

Although I have not written anything my spiritual journey continues. The path that I am taking is moving forward, evolving spiritually in my role as a psychic in this world is different from the past. Previously I felt alone as I found my way through the spiritual world on my own even though I am physically surrounded by spiritual guides. Israel and especially my location in the North of the country is packed with spiritual teachers, healers, psychics and mediums. This time I find my instincts pulling me towards these earthly guides and each one is providing me with a piece for my puzzle. The result is a new concept of receiving messages from the unborn soul that has not channeled not through me but through the mother.

1. The Earth Goddess

I went to an open art studio led by an Earth Mother. I met the woman before and knew I would come to her studio some day.. I wrote about my fears before the visit in a blog – Fear of facing my fears.

At first I felt lost among all the amazing earth items available and did not know where to start.


I saw a deck of cards and felt that I needed some spiritual assistance to connect to my soul’s desire aka my unconscious. I picked the following card for inspiration and my creativity flowed.


What came out is what I have often envisioned, I saw myself lecturing to others. Like in a vision board, I created a physical form to my vision. I even added some tools or gifts that I wanted included in this future in the form of words hidden underneath what I consider the stage. The final work may be an arts and crafts project like my family likes to call it but every morning and night I look at it in my bookshelf, next to my bed and believe it is coming.

The borders of my puzzle are in place.


2. The Great Healer

My red-headed neighbor and friend is also a witch. She has been praising her healer / mentor and friend for several years. After helping my friend with her computer for 4 hours, I agreed that as a thank you I would be her guest at a special session being held at the healer’s house the next day.

Around a long table there were around 15 woman and one man from around the country. Most were her students. They all came to receive some kind blessing. It was a few days before the Jewish Passover holiday that signifies coming out of slavery and a new Spring beginning. Anat, the healer, channels several great spirits. The most famous spirit at this session was the great and brilliant King Salomon, During the four-hour session I felt that the guides kept returning to me and my role of channeling the unborn soul.

In working with women who miscarried, I always thought I was helping the mother find clarification, assurance or closure to their lost. Whether it’s by relaying the message from their spiritual guides or the unborn soul, or through psychic therapy that releases the emotional blockage interfering with the pregnancy. .

During this evening, the message I received was from these elite spiritual guides was that they were very happy with what I am doing. That what I was doing was very important and that I should continue doing it. What struck me the most was that the guides saw it as helping the unborn soul in its process of entering this world. This made me angle the puzzle pieces around and look at them in a new perspective. Until now I aimed at the mother, now I need to discovered that I need to alter my thinking so that I can now assist the unborn soul to get its message through.

Anat the healer decided to give me the pure spiritual extract of Luck to help me in my career. I have been waiting for success (financial stability) to be occur and the number of clients per month has remained the same for many years. I have yet not given up my day job. Hopefully with a bit of luck I can finally be able to break through. I just need that lucky break. After I felt the extract spiritually enter me, I went outside to the windy night facing the agricultural fields and felt my spiritual sphere change. The next morning I got lucky in getting tickets to a unique music event that was sold out in one hour.

End of part one. Next part I will tell about the Russian witch and what she taught me.


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