An Indecisive Soul

Amy from the United States connected me in with the following message:

My name is Amy & I am newly pregnant. This is my 5th pregnancy, and I have three beautiful girls on this earth plain. I woke up this morning with a lot of fear that I would miscarry with physical cramps & this soul would decide to not come through to our family. I was guided to contact to see if the soul of the little one had a message for me. I spoke to him/her and let her know that the love would continue either way. Much love and light.

Normally I do not channel souls before the 12th week since I believe that the soul and the fetus are deciding between themselves whether it is the right time and the right fetus body for the soul to come into the world. However with Amy I felt the need to channel her to see if there is something I could feel, but I could not connect to her.  I wrote back requesting her full name and to know her week of pregnancy.  She replied that she was in the beginning of her 4th or 5th week and gave me both her Spanish birth name and her American adopted name.  Interestingly I could only connect to using her birth name.

The following is my reply:

I feel that the soul is still trying to figure out what to do.  I think it is an indecisive soul by nature and will also be a indecisive person when it comes through, which it will at some point in your life.  My feeling is that you should not try to convince it to choose this body as the decision process is part of its life lesson.  I would just trust that when the soul feels it for him, he it will come into your life.  This actually is different from most cases I work with where the soul decides what is best for the mother and not itself.

Unfortunately Amy miscarried.  This is the mail I received from her the following morning :

I started bleeding this morning, and then immediately had the feeling to check my email. This pregnancy felt like such a gray area from the moment I found out. My emotions were very stagnant…and that was very different from other pregnancies. With my girls I felt very confident from the moment I found & had no doubt. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to help my Soul find comfort during this emotional time. Since I was adopted I always am worried that my children will feel loved and wanted, and it was no different for this Soul. Thank you for all you do to help families on this journey.

My instincts tell me that this is not the last I will hear from Amy.  I hope that she and her soul will find each other easily.  I would be honored in helping them in their journey.


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