Stress During Pregnancy from the fetus’s perspective

It is of common knowledge that stress during pregnancy is not healthy for the fetus. Research done shows that stress MAY have some sort of affect on the fetus, delivery date, and/or child. The thought that they are hurting their fetus stresses further the expectant mother, and then there are all the articles on ways to calm her down.

Yet as a psychic, when I channel the soul of the fetus of a stressed out woman during a pregnancy reading, I never feel any stress from the soul.

Many of the expectant women who come to me for a psychic reading of their pregnancy and to connect to the soul within their womb, are burdened for one reason or another. Research will tell you that when a women is stressed out she releases hormones that gets carried through to the fetus through the amniotic fluid on to the baby (source:TheGuardian) causing them also to be in a state of “flight or fright” (source:WebMD).

When I connect to the mother, I can completely feel her high stress level, panic, and worry, however when I connect to the fetus, those feelings do not transfer through.  The soul is aware that something is going on with its mother but feels that that does not belong to them.  They stay true to their own inborn characteristics and feelings within the womb, and are not affected by the mother’s stresses.

I would like to note that the connection discussed here between the mother’s stress and its affects on the soul/fetus applies to older fetuses.  My own research findings have shown that there is some sort of connection between mother’s stress levels during early pregnancy and miscarriages.  The souls discussed here are already developed and in the second half of the pregnancy.

Research into the affects of a expectant woman’s stress on the unborn baby has offered any concrete findings.  The only constancy among the articles is the call for more research.  My experience, on the other hand, in channeling and feeling the soul has offered a repetitive and constant finding that the mother’s stress level does not affect the unborn baby in harmful way, neither physically nor emotionally.  I hope this would help calm down the stressed out pregnant woman reading this and allow her to deal with what is really stressing her out.


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