Standing in a Dark Room

Yael, a 39-year old female client from Israel, came to me for a psychic reading because she was tired of feeling stuck and unable to move forward in her life.  The youngest of her four children had finally started preschool and she had planned to make changes in her life, including separating from her husband of ten years.

During our session Yael was very tearful and down.  To me she felt like she was standing under a rain cloud.  It turned out that her husband had her committed to a psychiatry hospital for what she considered a nervous breakdown and he claimed to be a bi-polar (manic-depressant) episode.   While committed she was given medication.  Even thought it had been a few weeks since she was released from the hospital and stopped taking the medication, Yael felt that the chemicals were still in her body and were keeping her down.

The affects of the medication was most prominent while channeling Yael mind.  When I enter a client’s head I see their thinking patterns and if it is burdened mind.  Yael’s mind was like a dark room.  This is common in people who are down or depressed.  I tried my old tricks of trying to turn on the lights or light a flashlight but I was allowed to turn on any  lights.  The only source of light Yael’s head would allow to use was that of the moon, which suddenly appeared.  With the moonlight slightly illuminating the room I was very surprised to find Yael not in a corner on the floor hugging her legs or in a back room hiding, but rather standing up in a powerful stance in the middle of the room.  The medication is keeping her in the dark against her will.
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It is no wonder that Yael blames God and the universe for holding her back and not letting her divorce her husband.  For having her committed to a hospital away from her children. For getting medicated.  It is my understanding, however, that God was behind this forceful stop.  I felt that her husband, who was not the type to commit his wife, felt like he was being led into this decision from an unknown source.

It took an extremely powerful act to get Yael to stop, for she was like a rushing train that was about to crash into the wall [Yael completely agreed to this scenario].   Yael was not, at that point, strong enough to survive an independent life with her children.  The universe was making sure that she fell in order to help her get up, find herself and her strength, be independent and then decide what she wants to do.

It was man’s decision to medicate her.

I plan to help Yael get up at her own pace.  To bring light and color into her current charcoal existence.  To discover her strengths and desires after so many years of being a full time mom.  Once she knows who she is and what she wants, she will decide what her future holds and her relationship with her husband.  I just hope she will find a way to forgive him, and God.


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