The soul that felt Whole.

In the end of July I received a request for a Message from the Womb from Ioanna in Belgium. I felt the need to connect with the soul but the soul never called for me. Today I felt the call and when I looked up the due date, I discovered that it was two days ago.  When I connected, I didn’t feel like I was channeling a unborn soul but rather a soul that was either very ready to be born or born already.

When I asked why the soul waited so long to call for me I understood that for this soul the situation had to be perfect before it could say anything.  It wanted to be heard but held back until it was sure of itself.  The soul now feels “whole” to me and sure of itself.  I heard the words “I am here.”

I feel that this is a message from the soul’s guides to the mother.  Some friendly advice from one caregiver to another that the soul as a child will not speak up until the situation is perfect or “okay”.  Until an ideal situation the child will keep things within and not say anything to anyone and therefore should be approached. This is part of the soul’s character and the parents should keep an eye out for when their child  keeps emotions and thoughts within.

I am not sure if Ioanna has given birth or not, but to me it feels like either the soul has entered or is in the process of entering this world.  Therefore I would like to say Mazal Tov (congratulations) to Ioanna.





4 thoughts on “The soul that felt Whole.

  1. Dear baby whisperer,
    This is Ioanna from Belgium. First of all thank you very mipuch for taking the time to channel our baby and for writing this blog post. I was very much surprised when I read it as the contractions started a while ago! Our baby should be here soon! I will send you an email soon! Keep the great work!

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