Compliments and Me

I receive constantly receive compliments that it is quite embarrassing.  I receive positive feedback about my work, my personality and even how I look (I am a plus sized woman).  I have learned how to accept the compliments but I have yet to learned how to internalize them.  I say thank you to the giver, but I don’t understand what they see in me.

Why do so many people say I am very amazing woman, I am just being me? I receive so much positive feedback on my blog and my psychic work from women overcoming a miscarriage, yet I am just a channel for the guides to use.  If I was that good I would be getting a lot more referrals.  People tell me I am pretty and dress nice, but to me, I am fat woman so it can’t be true.

Why can’t I just acknowledge people’s words and grow from it?  Am I being modest? Do I not believe them?  healing_words

I have been thinking a lot about this recently and decided that it is time that I do believe and accept what they are saying.  That I take the positive energy of the kind words of the compliment and absorb it, grow from it.  It is not easy, and quite embarrassing, but I believe it will take me to the my next level of growth.  I am as only powerful as I allow myself to be, and according to all the empowering feedback, I am very powerful.  As I should be.  AS I AM!


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