I hate the control money has over me. I do not waste and I do not want but still… I hate worrying about it.  I hate fighting to get it.  I am tired of arguing with my partner about our finances.  I am tired of telling my children that we do not have enough money to purchase what they want or do what they want to do.  How can something so nonspiritual, that has no meaning in the afterlife, have such a control over my life.

As a psychic I do not charge too much as for me it is more about the work I do rather than the amount of money I receive.  My day job is a mommy based job so that I can be with my children after school and therefore pays very little.  My partner is an educator in a high school that even with all the responsibility and importance of raising the next generation does not pay well.  We are good people who work hard for the other and the community and yet we are overwhelmed by money problems.

Today I discovered that I made a mistake postponing the purchase of international plane tickets for my family to attend my brother’s wedding in the Fall.  Now the tickets are more than 150 USDs more than when I first checked.  That’s a lot of money for us and it is eating me up inside.  It shouldn’t and I shouldn’t let it.  And yet it does.  And that saddens me more the the extra amount I need to pay. Because money is just money.


3 thoughts on “Money

    1. With 2 little children, I can’t really play the game. We found cheap tickets but not at the desired airlines. My instincts tell me that it will be okay and I need to lead my head in that direction.

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