Flowing vs Pushing through Life

I finished my research projects and published the results both in English and in my local language, Hebrew.  Now what?  I feel that I should write an article based on the findings on a national scale and not just my blog.  I feel the need to lecture  in women’s festivals and to hold workshops. But the question is whether to let the universe find its way to me or to push it.

Spiritually the belief is that the universe will send you the guides, signs, and invitations to go in the direction you should go.  But what if my instincts tell me I should be doing all the things mentioned but am not getting the invitations to do so? Do I push?  Do I search it out?  But doesn’t that go against the belief?  Sometimes we push to only discover we pushed in the wrong direction.

As a motivated woman, this confuses me.  I don’t know what to do.

How do you live your life?  Do you think is the right way to travel through life, or more specifically, one’s career?  By flowing or by pushing?


5 thoughts on “Flowing vs Pushing through Life

  1. At night before I go to sleep, I ask Spirit for the opportunities to come to me that place me in my life’s work. Opportunities come. The knack is to recognize them when they arrive….

    1. Yesterday when I prayed while lighting the Sabbath candles and I requested a sign to show me which way to go, oddly there was suddenly silence in my instincts. My understanding is that I am first to go on a personal journey before I am led. This is strange for me as I have gotten used to following my instincts.

  2. For the most part when I am tuned in and not anxiously trying to find guidance, the still small voice leads me. I just know something is the right thing to do. I used to worry that I would do the wrong thing but granted there may be consequences for doing something bad, everything works out somehow. Spirit/God can lead you in the right path. Look for strong positive feelings when you are thinking about doing. something. You will be fine either way.

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