To post or not to post, that’s the question

I am very busy (see Superwoman or Busy Bee).  Yet for the past week I’ve had a need to write a personal post everyday .  This is not me.  I am used to hiding behind other people’s stories with my miscarriage research and psychic messages from soul fetuses.  However during last weekend’s retreat, in a meditative state, I kept on saying the mantra “to write, to write, to write” over and over.  Since then I have unable NOT to write.

I don’t know if anyone is reading this but I don’t think that it really matters. My instincts are telling me that this writing will be therapeutic for me and will take me to my next stage career-wise.  I understand that journals are therapeutic but why does it have to be online.  But still the mantra continued, “to write, to write, to write.”  In short, the answer to the above questions is obvious, I need to post and it guess that it will be everyday (except on the Sabbath, in which I will rest).   I am curious to discover what will come out of me and out of this experience.

I just hope not to bore.


4 thoughts on “To post or not to post, that’s the question

  1. Do what your heart tells you to do. You have never been boring! I always find sensitivity and compassion in your posts and an openness that borders on vulnerability. Write!!

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