Psychic Connection

As a psychic I  Connected spiritually to people in order to give them a psychic reading.   For today’s Wordpress daily-prompt challenge, I decided to try to explain my understanding of  what it means to connect or channel a person.

I believe we are all connected as single big energy.  Some call it the Universe.  Some call it God.  I will refer to it here as the collective energy.  Our soul is just a drop of the connected energy.  The soul resides in our physical body but is still connected to the collective energy.

When I channel a person, I connect to this energy and by using the person’s full name I can single out that body/soul unit and feel their united experience, see the path they are currently on, and hear messages from the soul’s spiritual guides.  When the soul is in its physical body it loses its instinctive connection to the connected energy.  Mental thoughts and societal influences take over and guide the body/soul life.

A spiritual person may be able to disconnect a bit from the physical body in order to attuned with its soul and feel the collective energy.  As a psychic, I found a way of connecting to the collective energy, channeling the collective information and interpreting it back to the person in a language they can understand and to which they can relate.

This is how I comprehend the spiritual connection at this point in my life.  With time my perception may change and I am open to this.  I do not believe there is a right or wrong answer to the spiritual connection, just people’s personal perception of it.  I welcome your comments with your own interpretation so that I may learn from you.


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