A welcome visit from my departed daughter

My sweet departed daughter, Ayala, came to visit often this weekend.  I was at a weekend self awareness seminars  on the Jordan River in Israel, down stream from where Christians come from around the world to be baptized.  She came to me during the healing Circle of Sound session.  Someone spoke of a child with cancer for whom he is helping through this time and I felt Ayala’s presence.  It touched me deep and I began to weep.  But then the most beautiful angelic singing sent helping vibrations to this area and the pain soften.

Again she visited me during an exercise where we just spoke and spoke whatever came into our minds until answers appeared. She told me to let her assist me in find the new direction in my psychic field now that I finished my research project.  I never really advised with her as a spirit, so this was very touching and healing.

Finally during the final ceremony, the song Somewhere over the Rainbow played, a song that reminds me of my daughter’s death as an amazing rainbow presented itself during the funeral.  I felt it was a sign from her.  I have a difficult time listening to this song and often turn it off.  This time I was able to hear the beautiful tune and actually sang the words in complete peace.

The weekend seminar taught me that I had things to release as I move forward to next stage in life and my daughter made sure the pain of her passing was one of the things released.

In the seminar I was also told by my guides that I need to write more personal blogs.  I have been avoiding this until now since it is not an easy thing for me to do.  As you can see from this post, I stepping out of my comfort zone and following my instincts in order for self growth.  Thank you for reading, I never take it for granted.


6 thoughts on “A welcome visit from my departed daughter

  1. I have friends who have lost children, and I’m so grateful that I have not. I’d like to imagine that I can understand their pain, but I know that I have never experienced pain as deep. And I have no way to conceive of their difficult healing process. This lack of understanding makes it hard for me to be of service or comfort to them. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    1. There is no way to understand the grieving process. Its individual for each person and there is no RIGHT way. For some people it may take longer than others. It doesn’t depend on the situation but rather the person before the loss. Thanks for your comment. It means a lot to me

  2. When I received an attunement when I took a Reiki 1 class, I felt the presence of my husband and my parents. The master somehow made the most unique singing that must be what you described. I will never forget it. Thank you for sharing with us. We can all learn from you.

  3. Hi Gale, I just want to know if its true that the spirit of a baby remains in the mother’s aura…or if you could in a way communicate with him and tell him how sorry I am for what he had to go through and that we wanted him but because of the severity if his conditions it was decided to surrender him back to God.

    My baby was diagnosed with spina bifida myelomeningocele and severe hydrocephalus during a routine anomaly scan on his 5th month. Our world turned upside down at that point, at first my husband and I were still hopeful eventhough we were scared of our baby’s future but surgeries were an option to us. However, after the 2nd scan more fluid was seen and his cerebellum and other parts cannot be located anymore, instinctively my husband said that surgeries were not an option anymore. I was so confused at that time and I went thru researches in the internet…I was so afraid of the possibilities of all the surgeries and my baby’s future, the effect on the family, the financial costs etc. and open the idea that maybe surgeries would mean more harm to my baby and agreed that maybe that was not the way to go. I could not sit still and upon research I stumbled upon termination abroad which I shared to my family. It was something that I deeply regret afterwards, because it felt I put myself into something that I did not want to do, that I should have stayed calm and trust the Lord that in the end He would not let my child and my family suffer. But in the end that choice was all agreed upon by my husband and family members…but it was a struggle to me as I wanted to deliver my son fullterm ( I wanted him or God to decide when to go, and not me) …as most doctors said that my baby had a very slim chance of survival, most likely he would not reach his full term, he would die hours after birth…
    My OB said that either way a CS would be performed and she would respect our decision whether to go with the surgeries or not. And upon discussion with family members, an advance directive can be made before hand to ease my stress of my baby having to suffer or experience suffering by prolonging her life thru medical means.
    I just want to tell him how sorry I am if I failed to fight for him till the end, if in the discussions of the family were always leading towards “no surgeries” instead of fighting for his life and accepting him despite his abnormalities.
    A medium told me that my son was very sad…and it made me even sadder and always question my decision in the end. I am coping everyday from my loss and always talk to my son that I am thankful for him, that he would forgive me for all the chaos, that he was, is and wanted still… and love. I am wondering if my son had gone thru healing(i always think that he had a sense of unwantedness and trauma from the termination procedure) and whether he has forgiven me, whether he is really fine and ok…because I am still not ok, I always blame myself for being indecisive, for not trusting, for always doubting…I want to get pregnant again and bring a beautiful soul to this world ( hoping that my son will come back or another soul) but this rollercoaster emotion and fear always there…please help ty

    1. Thank you for sharing your difficult story. Your son’s soul probably hears your words.

      From my experience with working with the souls of the unborn baby, they are not angry or hurt but rather see the bigger picture and understand. I do not want to contradict the medium and I cannot channel directly with the soul without your full name, this is just from my past experience. It is my feeling that it is time to forgive yourself and heal. You are welcome to contact me directly with your full name and I will see if there is a message from your spiritual guides for you.

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