Alternative Explanation for Miscarriage – Research Summary

For the past 6 years I have been researching my theory that miscarriages are not a physical phenomenon but rather an emotional or spiritual occurrence.  I have conducted a countless number psychic readings and consultations with women who have miscarried.  To date,  50 women have filled out my online miscarriage questionnaire.  So far the finding have strengthened my belief that miscarriages are not caused by a body malfunction but rather the body is reacting to something else that is occurring in the mother’s life and/or the unborn soul’s.

The Women

As I do not document all of my sessions and inquiries, most of the women represented in statistics in this study will be based on the questionnaire responses.  Periodically I will interject some observation from my experience in the field.

Many of the women who contact me do so close to the time of their miscarriage.  In the questionnaire, 82% noted that it has been less than a year since their last loss.  Women are looking for answers for what happened.  I would say a better part of the inquiries occurred either on the eve of the miscarriage or immediately after.

It is my practice not to conduct miscarriage readings immediately after the miscarriage, but rather postpone it by thirty days* to allow her to mourn the loss.   In many cases women are expected to immediately move on, to ignore or repress their pain and sadness. They do not share their traumas with friends, sometimes out of shame and embarrassment, and  pretend that nothing has happened.  I have learned that women who have lost a unborn baby need time to grieve.  Only then are they able to be fully present at a psychic reading and to listen to the message from their passed soul.

According to the questionnaire, 70% of the women were between the ages of 26-40 at the time of the last miscarriage (see chart 1).

Woman's Age Table
Chart 1: Women’s age at the time of the miscarriage


20% of the women suffered the miscarriage around the 6th week (see chart 2).


Week of Pregnancy
Chart 2: The week of pregnancy the women miscarried.


There was a  total of 89 miscarriages from the 50 women who answered the questionnaire with the majority of women having had one or two miscarriages.

Women have contacted me from around the world representing, from each continent, demonstrating that it is a universal experience which connects women from every corner of this Earth.

Chart 3: Miscarriage left the women feeling devastated

The majority of the women (84%) who answered the questionnaire reported that they were left devastated from the loss of their unborn child (see chart 3). With 88% of them reporting that the miscarriage was often on their mind.

I would like to point out that most of the women were close to the event and were looking for answers.  They were women who were searching the internet for an explanation for the loss of their precious fetus.  The most common search terms used to find my blog were an intertwining of the terms SPIRITUAL, MEANING, REASONS and MISCARRIAGE.

life changed
Chart 4: Miscarriage caused changes in the woman’s life

The women of who answered the questionnaire, 62% reported that their life changed after the miscarriage (see chart 4).  This is in line to the the 68% of the women whose  life changed from my 2011 Preliminary Facebook study into miscarriages.  Since the question regarding in the direction the changes took was a required question, there is insufficient data of whether those changes were for the better or the worse.

Alternative Explanation

It is my theory that the physical body or the medical explanation to the occurrence  are not the actual cause of the miscarriage.  In recurrent miscarriages, 3 or more miscarriages, the doctors a specific cause for the miscarriages can not be found in 50% of the cases.   It is my belief that there is another explanation of why the soul caused the fetus to leave that body.

The women who filled out the questionnaire were ambivalent with regards to the medical explanation received for their miscarriage (see chart 5).  When asked whether they believed there was another explanation, 65% agreed that there may be another aspect involved (see chart 6).

alternative explanation
Chart 5                                                                                Chart 6

The alternative explanations offered by the women questioned included two preferred explanations, emotional and spiritual explanations (see chart 7).  The Emotional explanations offered included such mental states as insecurities, overwhelming fear and stress, and anger.  There were couple of instances where the women said they felt that maybe they were not really ready for a child.  While the Spiritual explanations referred to life lessons, changes in life that needed to occur, or a reason not yet discovered.


Chart 7: Alternative explanations to the one’s miscarriage

One of the most recurring emotional state encountered in sessions and treatment is the woman who is overcome with fears.  Our fears rest in our abdomen area, “that knot in your stomach” or “gut wrenching feeling”, and when a women in full of fears there is neither room or healthy environment for a fetus to grow.  The release of these fears and their root beliefs have helped some of my clients to get pregnant. For an example of these fears, please read the post I control my life, not my fears.

The spiritual explanations vary and are often quite fascinating.  They often offer a window into the world beyond.  The spiritual explanations fall into two categories, the soul’s own issues or the soul’s desire to make changes in the mother’s life.  The latter has taught me that these miscarriages come from a place of love from the soul towards its mother.  Its desire to see the woman make the necessary changes before she is ready to give birth to a child.  In around half the cases the souls return to the mother in a future fetus body.   There are also souls that belong to the woman’s soul family that decided to enter the woman’s body as a unborn fetus only to purposely release itself as a miscarried tragedy.

It is my belief that like car accidents and serious illness, the miscarriages can be seen as trigger for some soul searching and changes in one’s life.  In the 2011 preliminary Facebook study, the need for change was the cause in 89% of the cases. As we have seen in the questionnaire and the number of changes reported during and after psychic therapy, the miscarried soul’s objective often has the desired results.


Miscarriages are seen and treated as a physical rejection of the fetus body.  Women blame themselves and their bodies.  It is my belief that the body is just reacting to the soul’s decision that the circumstances were not right or beneficial for the mother to enter her life at that particular time.  So when searching for the causes of miscarriages, the women should look within themselves for an alternative explanation for the miscarriage.  They should also know that the soul is never hurt or angry at them but rather made its own calculated decision to leave the fetus.  These alternative explanations can strengthen the women and bring them to a better place in their lives.

I would like to thank the many women who participated in this study.  Thank you for sharing with me one of the most painful instance in your life.


*This time period is based on the Jewish traditional mourning period of mothers for their children.


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