Avoiding a traumatic birth

Hilda from Germany wrote to me about sending a message to her unborn soul to be born earlier than the scheduled date.  In my correspondence to her I wrote that she did not need me to send a message to the soul within her since the souls always hears it’s mother, it is us who do not always hear their messages.  I also mentioned that I feel some sort of ambivalence regarding the actual birth and maybe I could assist. She wrote back saying that the fetus, at week 32, currently breech position and was hoping that the fetus would turn around for a natural birth.b5bcde023ceaca98c289ebd114654acb.jpg

When I felt the unborn soul I felt that the soul was avoiding the trauma of the natural birth and would prefer that it born through a Cesarean birth.  I feel it would prefer to stay in this position if it could.  It feels like this soul is doing what it wishes to do even if it would be harder for others.  From what I understood from Hilda’s letter, I understand that it is something that she is also facing in her life:

This soul unlike the [older] 3,  arrived to me because i asked her to, i had this soul in my heart and thoughts, long before it was really present, when it arrived, i knew that it will wait for some months and its my decision to follow.
Following my heart was the right thing for me, taking the responsibilities for following my heart and by this, hurting others, is ‘THE’ place i currently fear the most from…its mine to deal with only

My advice for Hildais to accept her unborn soul’s decision as she wishes others accept hers.  This soul is mirroring way how her decisions affects others and how others react to its / her decisions.  I think this child, which will listen to others advice but then makes its own decisions, will be challenge / a life lesson for Hilda.  There is a reason this child who is fourth after 3 teenagers is coming into her life at this time.  It is the right time in Hilda’s life to deal with this lesson.





4 thoughts on “Avoiding a traumatic birth

  1. Is it possible the baby is picking up on the mother’s stresses from dealing with some stubborn teenagers. The thought crossed my mind as I read this. Just curious.

    1. It could be. From my experience, I have yet to find a fetus soul that is affected by it’s mother’s stresses. They are aware of the stress but I have not since a case where the stress has any influence on the feelings of soul within the fetus. I know this goes against what we believe.

  2. As all four of my children were delivered by cesarean section because they were breech (one twin was transverse – also a difficult position to birth) I have often wondered if this was because of the way my body is made (rather short) or if it was because they all wished to avoid the trauma of vaginal birth. Thank you for explaining how the cesarean is sometimes the child’s choice.

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