Difficult to hear

In the first psychic session I conduct with a new client I begin by verbally scanning them in order to learn who they are, how they think, see the world, whether they have the ability to love or be loved, and the depth of their fears.  Clients approach me for several reasons- miscarriages, pregnancy, stuck in life or just curious.  The initial readings are of the current state of client, not the past and not the future.

Most of the vast insights are of a pleasant nature and familiar to the client and therefore easily accepted. However sometimes I find myself in Tricky situations in which the insights the spiritual guides choose to convey to the client may be painful or negative.  I find it difficult to pass these insights on to client. I think of how best to word it in order to not cause them too much distress.  Yet I have learned that these insights are often those that trigger the biggest positive changes in the client’s life.

I often tell the client either before the session and at the beginning of the session that I will tell all the things the spiritual guides show me.  The things that are fun to hear but also things that may be difficult to hear. And that I am objective and accepting of everything.  Sometimes clients try to convince me that what I am seeing is incorrect.  This often tells me that the client has distanced him or herself from that feeling or pain in order to survive.  This is the unhealthy way they currently living and one place that needs healing.

What I have discovered that even though we did not do any treatment work during the first session, many clients write to me to say that bring up the painful insight has brought about some form of acknowledgement, and consequently, some healing.  It may not occur after each every initial reading where delicate insights were discuss, but after enough occurrences that has convinced me that even though it may be uncomfortable and tricky, it is definitely worth the healing process that follows.  After all, isn’t that what I am supposed to do as a psychic healer!





5 thoughts on “Difficult to hear

  1. It is so strange to me that after 60 years of life, I never met a psychic, medium, ghost talker, one who speaks to angels and gets answers or shaman. Then after my husband died, I found out I had several friends who had these gifts. My own intuition, foresight and whatever developed as did the number of my friends. This is all quite fascinating too me!

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