The search for one’s life mission

Thushara from India, aged 28, contacted me with the desire to know “what my mission in this lifetime is.”  I had no idea how to reply to her.  I do not predict the future in my readings. I also felt that at the young age of 28 Thushara is just beginning to learn about who she is and if I told her what her mission is in this lifetime, then she will strive towards that path without facing her life lessons on the way.  It is these  lessons and tools that she picks up on her journey that prepare her for her life mission.  Yet something made feel the need to consult with the guides about her request (and also to write it down).

Noa: Should  Thushara know her mission at this point in her life?

Guides: “No. She will only get confused by what she hears.  It will make NO sense, be fearful [to understand] and push her away from her ultimate goal.”

Noa: What should I tell young women who contact me and want to know what their future holds?

Guides: “To take life one day at a time.  To look towards the NOW and not the THEN. Striving forward all the time causes them to miss out on life and then they feel like it passed them by too quickly.”

Noa: How do people discover their role in life?

 Guides: “If it feels good its right.  If its too much of a struggle that you cannot see where you are going – it’s not wrong but maybe the wrong time.  Listen to yourself, see the signs, hear the little bird inside your head.  When the time is right, the tool belt is full – the signs of your life’s role gets unfolded.  You should be open to see it and not so stuck in your ways and job to miss or ignore the signs or the urging within.”

Noa: Any words for  Thushara?

Guides: “Let it be for now [desire to know the mission].  You have a small goal you would like to achieve.  The one you think is ridiculous, well it’s not.  Go for that small goal and then for the next small goal.  These small goals will eventually lead you to your mission.  But unless you take the steps you will never reach the fated role.  And enjoy.”

Noa: I feel there is something else you want to say.

Guides: ” Yes.  Missions or life roles are not necessary monumental or financial.  12694572285_e995d0891b_z.jpgEach person has its role in the world and they fit it.  Like the ants, each has a role.  Those who do not become famous, awarded or rich are not less valuable.  They are the same.
As long as they fulfill their role in their lifetime they will be happy.  If they try to fulfill someone else’s role in hopes to become like them, then they will be lost.

s for listening and letting me share this through you.”

The honor was all mine.


5 thoughts on “The search for one’s life mission

  1. Thank you. I’m to that point in my life that I feel like I’ve missed the boat. Yet now is when my tool belt is just now full. I guess I’m starting to see the relationship.

      1. Thank you. I guess I’m just paddling very slowly! But I feel like I’ll be picking up steam. Soon. Hopefully.

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