The Voice of the Unborn Soul

I have the great privilege and the psychic ability of channeling the Voices of the unborn soul, either of a soul before its birth or one that has miscarried.  The unborn soul is a soul between two worlds, our world and the after-world. Being able to give a human voice to these unborn souls offers them a means to communicate or send messages to their mothers and others listening.

In my blog series, Messages from Within the Womb, I provide a platform for the unborn soul before its delivery into this world as a human.  These souls have offered us, the listeners, clues into the thoughts of a soul before birth with all its excitement, hesitations and fears. Through their voices, we have learned that the soul is more connected to its future mother than to the body it is about to receive.  We received a glimpse into the process of choosing a body, its parents, and the relationships with their spiritual guides.  Personally I love connecting to the energy of the unborn soul before birth as it is a pure and beautiful energy with so much to offer.

The voice of the unborn soul, which has miscarried in the early period of pregnancy is an interesting look at the relationship between souls and humans.  These souls teach us of how the after-world views our human world and in times interferes.  The words of these miscarried souls are of love, clarity and caring for its mother and not the anger and frustration the woman believes the soul feels towards her. They offer words of advice for the mother in how to proceed in her life and make the necessary changes before she is ready to receive the soul as her child, or to get back to her fated track.  In my opinion, the most important insight gained from the miscarried souls’ voices is that it is  the soul’s decision to leave the fetus body, often for loving reasons, rather than the mother’s body rejecting the fetus body.

Having the ability to provide a verbal voice for these silent but powerful souls is a great great honor and is not one I take lightly.  There is so much they have to teach us if we only listen.


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