Messages from Within the Womb – Desert Eagle

Grace, from the United States, is pregnant with her first child.  She is a very spiritual woman who has met his son in her dreams.  Grace, who is in her 29th week of pregnancy, wanted my confirmation of a possible early delivery of her son as seen in her dream, “or any information regarding the Universe’s plan for my son?”


Negev Desert (Photo by pappe knuellpapier on Flickr)

 I had been waiting for a new soul to contact me. Every contact form I received I hoped it would be a request for a Message from Within the Womb.  When Grace wrote me, it felt only fitting to channel the soul during my planned trip to the Negev Desert.  When I told this to Grace she replied that it felt fitting.

The following is the message from Grace’s unborn soul received in the early morning light of the desert:

I love the desert. I feel like a spirit is free in the desert.  I was once an eagle somewhere in the American region.  I flew over everyone until “The Man” shot me down.  Said I was trespassing.  It was a few lifetimes ago but the need to be free is always inside me.  My [life] lessons these years have been to understand “The Man”.

John Downer Photographer
Image –  John Downer Productions – credit – The Iron Ammonite

Me: Any messages for your mother?

She will want me to be free but I do need some boundaries otherwise I may get lost like a never-ending traveler. I need to learn the lessons I have been avoiding in my last lifetimes.

At the same time, the need to rein me in will also cause my mother to get in touch with the boundary issues and lessons she has been avoiding.

One last message for you [Noa] – You are free anywhere you are, just don’t forget it.

Thank you soul.





2 thoughts on “Messages from Within the Womb – Desert Eagle

  1. Noa,

    This was incredible to read. Thank you, thank you, a million times over! So many similarities between his soul and mine. He and I were meant to be!

    Earlier on in my pregnancy, when my fear for our future was overwhelming, I was feeling a strong need to pack up and go to deserts in Sedona, Arizona. It felt like the safest place for him and I, to feel emotionally, mentally, and spiritually sound. It still does. It’ll be something J. [partner] and I will take into consideration for our future!

    Thank you infinitely. The gratitude I have for this information is eternal and endless. You are a blessing!

    Warm thanks,

  2. Grace wrote me the following message today as part of a desire to channel the current pregnancy:

    “I hope all is well with you. When I was pregnant with my son W. you did a “Messages from Within the Womb” reading for me, and his “desert eagle” soul shined through you. Our sweet little eagle turned 2 years old yesterday. Everything he told you then has proved in our lives to be very real.”

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