Who am I anyway?

Do people really want to hear the opinion of the psychic to their dilemmas?   Not the people who come for a reading but the random person.  A friend. An acquaintance. A talkative stranger. If a person tells me about a conflict or a fork in their road, am I expected to provide them the correct answer from their spiritual guides?

I often find myself in these situations where people share with me their internal dilemma  (there’s a reason I have two social work degrees) and then I feel the need to provide them with a clarification. It is so easy to do, so why not?  I do feel the need to mention that I do not channel a person or connect to their guides until they give me verbal permission. I respect the other’s privacy and stay detached.  I do, however, offer them the use of my psychic skills.  A helping hand.  Often the person declines but know that if they need me I am available.e0667d8b7a9dfd801302ea8f06243ad0

Yesterday I was commenting on a post connected to the 22 Feb 2015 Daily Prompt, The Road Less Traveled, in which I participated .  I am new at commenting and am still learning the ropes.  In the post Decisions, Decisions the author wrote about her current life situation and the difficulty of making the right decision.  When I read her four options I immediately knew what was the right path for her to take.  So in the comment section I, of course, offered my services.  I immediately retracted saying “On the other hand, its best to follow your own instincts.”  She gracefully turned me down.  As she should have.

It go me thinking, who was I to offer such a service as a comment.  Aren’t we suppose to find our own ways?  Isn’t that part of our free will or life lesson? My own post, What If,  for the same daily prompt was exactly about the fact that we should stand by our decisions as it is the road we chose for ourselves.  So what pushes me to offer people the answers?  Am I just trying to help? To fix their problem?

I think that for the same reason that I will not tell people their future , I shouldn’t provide them with the right way to go.  It is their job to find the answers on their own.  Those who search me out are in need of assistance but those who don’t, don’t.  But if anyone needs some words of advice, I am always happy to help.  Just ask.


11 thoughts on “Who am I anyway?

  1. It’s a lot like being a parent watching our children make what we know is a mistake. But we also know the decision is theirs and a lesson will be learned. Tough to watch, though. Good luck.

  2. Hi,
    I love the Peanuts cartoon Are you a psychic?
    I found you on Danny Ray’s site. Congratulations on being his featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too. Maybe you can check out my site if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.

    1. Hi Janice. Thanks for reading my post. I also liked your cat in the hat cartoon on your post.

      Yes I am a psychic. This blog was started as a place to write my readings as while I did research on souls in their mothers’ womb and miscarriages. It has since then developed.

      I will keep an eye out for your tips.


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