What if….

That initial question “what if”.  An old and true game that I like to play, and coincidentally Wordpress’s Daily Prompt –

The Road Less Traveled
Pinpoint a moment in your past where you had to make a big decision. Write about that other alternate life that could have unfolded.

What if I didn’t move to Israel and stayed in the United States, would life be easier?

What if my daughter didn’t die from cancer, would I still be fighting the disease today?  Would I have the two younger children I have now?

What if I didn’t go back to an office job and continued only working as a psychic, would my practice be bigger today?

I love imagining how things may have been different.  Yet from my psychic work I have discovered that there is a direction our life is supposed to take.  In other words, I believe in Fate.
The funny thing is, or the challenge, is the fact that God gave us the 0 The FoolFreedom to Choose. It is our choices that decides whether we stay on our fated path or stray. Getting back on the path may take a the long road trip or a short ride. Our fears, beliefs and outside influences are our driving companions and/or the backseat driver. It may cause us to drive on the past our Exit and demand that we drive back, but that is part of our journey.

The What if’s or the “Would Have, Should Have, Could Have” are not worth it for I know I made the choices I made, learned the lessons I needed to learn on the way, and know that I am now on the right path*.

*Although it does feel more like the side road rather than the highway.  But this way I get to enjoy the journey and see the view at a calmer pace. Stop for a taste of the local cuisine.


2 thoughts on “What if….

  1. I like your idea of starting your blog with a provocative question like what if. I am intrigued by psychic ideas but am skeptical at the same time.

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