Taking my own advice

Lately I have been stretching my “comfort zone.”  This is something I have been coaching my clients for years to do in order to have them either provoke and/or feel the changes that have transpired in our treatment sessions.  But you know the saying, “It’s easier to preach than practice.”

recordI admit that it is very difficult to step outside ones comfort zone.  My head comes up with 101 reasons not to do it.  It’s like my head is a broken record repeating a lifetime worth of gathered beliefs (often put there by others),  old comfortable put-downs, and the usual set of thoughts that have kept me in this comfortable zone for so long.  My throat starts to cling in panic. Its this tightness that has held me back…and then I remind myself the advice I give others.  What does my heart / intuition tell me?  I know that if my hearts tells me it will be okay to take that scary step, then it will be okay even if my head screams otherwise.

So what’s different now that allows me to stretch my arms in the cramped zone? I have changed.  In the past year I have released a lot of unhealthy beliefs and self-doubt. I now need to discover that they cannot stop me anymore and I need to push myself to do those actions that I want or need to do to get ahead.  The very actions that are the opposite to my OLD nature.

My reward is not only the desired outcome (which was achieved without any problems I must add), but more importantly, that I was so proud of myself for taking the risk.

I am well aware that my panic may return with the next awkward step I need to take, but at the same time  I am aware that I am currently reshaping my zone.


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