Winds of Change


I started this blog over three years ago as place to share psychic readings of miscarriages for women.  They were readings for women who volunteered for my research into the “Spiritual Explanation for Miscarriages.”  As the years passed, women from around the world, who searched online for answers into the “why” of their miscarriages, have found comfort in my blog. Their kind words and messages gave me the feedback I needed to keep this blog going. Plus, it has also brought me some clients for psychic readings and therapy for which I am grateful.

Lately however I have noticed that the content of my posts are changing/ adapting.  I have taken the knowledge I obtained through my work with the unborn child before birth, the miscarried soul, and other experience with psychic world, and applied it towards spiritual and emotional topics in general.  Questions have been posted to me that are more relatable to the vast population than just to women who are pregnant or had a miscarriage.

I am taking my own advice and following the direction the universe has taken me.  I now hope to share my understanding of the spiritual world in a way I hope will help people understand.  I am aware that there are several blogs on this subject matter, but from my experience, those who find me are meant to.  And if by chance a few clients come my way then that would be just dandy.

I invite you to join me in my new journey.  I cannot tell you were it will lead us but I am sure it will be interesting quest. I am inviting the reader to send me any question you may have about our life, the human nature and the spiritual world.  Waiting to see where you lead us.


2 thoughts on “Winds of Change

  1. Hi Noa, I have had 3 Ectopics, 2 miscarriages. These are ones that I know of at least. I’m having a hard time understanding what my lesson is. It is painful and emotional each time. I have been sad on and off and need healing. I’m not sure what to do next. My right tube is still blocked. I’m definitely concerned about another ectopic reoccurring. Am I suppose to stop trying naturally? I love children and feel that maybe I’m not meant to be a mother, not through the natural birth process. Please help.

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