Releasing Emotional Blocks

Ever feel like you keep hitting a brick wall?  Working very hard to get ahead, lose weight, get pregnant, find a good partner, but are getting nowhere? I may be that an emotional block is holding you back.

An emotional block is a conscious or unconscious belief, fear or anxiety that contradicts the goal for which you strive.  The fear of failure, religious beliefs, lack of trust or self-loathing are just a small sample of possible emotional blocks.  Blocks may result from a traumatic experience*; familial, religious or national beliefs; they may have been carried over by the DNA from one of your parents; past lives; etc.  You may have overcome the beliefs or fears mentally through therapy or on your own, but they may still be within you, unconsciously blocking the desired outcome.

Ofra had several miscarriages with no medical explanation.  As a child, Ofra witnessed a tragic car accident in which a child was killed.  Although she forgot about the car accident, all her life Ofra was fearful that something horrible would occur.  On one hand Ofra was working on conceiving a child and at the same time she was scared for its life.

Michael was a co-producer on a successful television show.  He watched as others got promotions while remained behind.  As a child Michael’s parents held high expectations for him and when he did not meet those expectations, he was given the feeling that he was not worthy.  At least this is how he interpreted it.  This reinforced the feelings of unworthiness which Michael inherited through his mother’s DNA.  He wanted his own show but deep down he felt unworthy of such a position.

How these unconscious beliefs stop us from our targeted goal, especially when we do
everything we can to achieve it. There is the spiritual theory that our thoughts and visions project our path for the future – Law of Attraction.  However, our fears and anxious emotions tint our thinking process and future outlook thus affecting our dream.  They block us from gaining our goal.


Ofra wanted a child but deterred that dream with the fear of losing it.  Michael wanted a promotion but at the same time sent out signals of unworthiness.

It is my belief that psychology does not remove the blocks.  This is hard for me to say coming from a psychology based education.  With psychology, you become aware of the unconscious belief but it still remains with you.  You are meant to learn to how to live in peace with these emotions.

There are several alternative therapeutic methods and techniques that I find alleviate these blocks. These techniques have a way of recognizing the emotional blockage, often getting at its root, and opening or removing that block.  It may involve recognizing some buried painful memories, but after the release, it becomes just a memory.  It no longer controls you.

I believe that acupuncture can open up block, if only temporarily.  There are several method of psychic therapy, such as the Theta Healing method on which I base my treatment work, that are very effective. I have also found that certain movement techniques also work.

In the two cases I presented earlier, the releasing of these emotional blockage with further treatment had a positive affect on their futures.  Ofra eventually had twins and Michael quickly got a top producing position at different network. I cannot guarantee that removing the emotional blocks will bring about your current dream.  As you change, your goals change. I do know that after removing the emotional blocks, my clients changed for the better, as did their future.  I believe that if the end and desired goal is worth it, that it would be beneficial to see if an emotional block is in place holding you back.    And it release it.

*Traumatic experiences may not have been objectively traumatic, however for the beholder it was a major trauma in their life.


2 thoughts on “Releasing Emotional Blocks

  1. thanks for the education. i’d been reading a lot about these kind of blocks lately, so something must be trying to surface and heal. good… and uh-0h! be well and thanks for the information and ‘discussion”. mikey

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