A look into the New Year – 2016

The following was a message from my Guides:

Although 2015 ended hard, the difficult end is making way for a new future. Like a forest fire which can be overwhelming, intense and frightening – the fire is necessary in the ecological make-up of the forest as it allows for new sprouts to have sunlight, and clean and fertile land to grow.  These new sprouts are a new evolved species, part of the planet’s evolution.  These sprouts will be able to survive and clear our future air in the next hundred years .after-forest-fire-2010

What has happened and is happening in Paris / Europe is similar to what occurred in the United States during 9/11.  Not the deaths nor the terrorism but rather the trauma and shock which has caused people to wake up from their comfort zone to rethink life both in the Mirco and the Macro.

Europe is now in the stages of adjusting its views both as individual people and as a group.  Those who look outside [to blame] are in avoidance while those who look in will be amazed at the changes in their view of life and the world.

The next year will be about change – financial changes (as the markets are getting stronger), cultural changes and [spiritual] energy changes. It is our role as individual beings to see whether we are comfortable in the beliefs we have accepted until now or whether our beliefs have shifted.  The hope is that we will feel, as many New Yorkers did after 9/11, a feeling of single community and of being one.  That out of the ashes grow new sprouts, new beliefs, a new age.


4 thoughts on “A look into the New Year – 2016

  1. Wow Noa, this is sooo beautifully written… I feel that it is very applicable to my life and where I’m at. Please keep writing, you have a very special talent!

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