An Advanced Soul, channeled from within the womb

I often receive requests from soon-to-be mothers who would like to receive a message from within their womb.  To hear what their unborn child has to say.  I don’t answer all the requests, however this particular soul’s voice, a unborn soul in its 30th week from Australia, was calling out to me loud and clear.

Normally when I introduce an unborn soul, I connect him to the mother and her name and week of pregnancy.  However in this case the soul stands on its own.

My feeling is that it is a special soul, a unique thinker.  When I see through its eyes I see unique view of the world, full of geometric shapes that remind me of Art Deco, including the colors.  I could not find an image that was similar to what the soul sees, but this one felt similar in its energy.

Metatron’s Cube / Sacred Geometry

“I come from a different plane of time.  I am more advanced than other souls.  Not an old soul, but an advanced soul who will help lead the world into the new millennium / [new] phase in time?”

It feels more like a technological soul which bases its thoughts on numbers and logic.  The soul’s voice sounds wise and very confident.

“Times are changing and people’s emotions have gotten a bit out of control.  It leads them more than logic.  I have come to make some balance.  My parents are unique in that they can contain me and have the tools to let me grow*.  I will make them proud.”

*The father is a Civil Superintendent- civil infrastructure and the mother worked until lately at a home for senior citizens.


One thought on “An Advanced Soul, channeled from within the womb

  1. The mother of this amazing soul responded by email:

    Hi Noa,

    Thank you for this beautiful message. Yes I know this soul is very special. We as parents to be are very spiritual and you are right when the soul says that we have the tools to allow this special soul to grow/- we have learned lessons that have prepared us for this souls arrival and we know that when our baby arrives it will be teaching us a thing or two !

    Your work is amazing and many thanks for taking the time to listen to our baby’s soul.

    God bless

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